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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by adrian bastin, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. There is an auction coming up for a new 111A 'half-mirror' Item #
    7562605734 you know where. I have a couple on their way to me from
    this seller (with whom I have no other connection). It's the first
    time I have seen these offered for sale anywhere so thought it would
    be of interest to the forum.

  2. Yeow, that's expensive. I've gotten one for less, and it was certainly genuine Leica part. For that you could buy a larger half-silvered mirror from Edmund and cut it up for several mirrors.

    There's nothing particularly magic about the half-mirror. The thickness is non-critical, within reason. The size isn't super critical either, as there is only a circle used out of the middle.

    You can also buy a cheap Japanese rangefinder camera and cannibalize for the mirror. That's what I did before I got the Leica mirror. It was gold mirror, so I had the gold/blue dual image with it.
  3. Thanks John. I remember reading your(?) excellent posting on this, not so long ago. Well, maybe these will be rose tinted and match my glasses!

  4. I recently replaced the beam splitter glass in a Kalart rangefinder with one purchased at Edmund Optics. Make quite certain you choose one with 50% reflective characteristics! They happened to have a size which coincided within one-half mm of the size I needed, and though I could have got a 5cm square piece for little more I was uncomfortable with the idea of cutting it apart, being as I've never done such. The 2 biggest difficulties I had were discerning the back from the front (it isn't at all obvious)and making certain the new mirror was standing exactly perpendicular to the floor of the rangefinder, else the rather limited axis adjustment capability is easily exceeded). Cheers,Jack
  5. i second jack's recommendation. i have used the edmund scientific mirror. it works quite well as a replacement.
  6. Thanks very much for that, and for the link, Jack. - I could still use another mirror, or three. I did clean one succesfully with a single wipe with isopropyl alcohol; but I didn't know you can't do that, and stopped when some of the mirror came off. But it works well now, anyway.


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