Source for 250 Exp. Backs for an F4?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by karl_borowski, May 30, 2007.

  1. All I can find in the archives are references to F3 backs. Does anyone know
    where I can get a 250-exp. back for my F4 without spending a fortune for it?


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    Did Nikon even make a 250-exposure film back for the F4 to begin with? (This is a question, as I don't remember for sure.)
  3. Yes, but it wasn't a high-selling product. It was called, I believe, MB-24 or something. I think it was one digit higher than the designation for the LCD/control imprinting back if MB-24 isn't the correct number. I have the booklet with the designation at home. I'll post it tomorrow if I can find it tonight.
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    maybe try ??

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    I still have my F4 brochure at home too, as I bought one way back in 1990. I know that Nikon had those 250-exposure backs for the F2 and F3, but they stopped somewhere as I don't think there is one for the F5 and certainly not for the F6. I just didn't recall at which model they stopped.
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    i also found a link where an F4 is being sold with the back (but sold a long time ago).

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    dont know if you're in the US, but you might try giving these folks a ring (they also have an eBay presence):

    ... and also ...

    both are very reputable shops ... i've dealt with both on many occasions (too numerous to list :) and have never had an issue with either. both of them have lots of used gear.

    regards, michael
  8. Believe it or not, B&H has the MF-24 setup in stock here: Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it: it is $3,000, plus your F4 has to have the MB-21 (F4s), or the MB-22+MB-23 setup (F4e) to power it.
  9. Oops, didn't see "without spending a fortune". Sorry.
  10. These (MF-24 backs) seem to be pretty rare in the used market. In over 6 years of eBay trading I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have seen one of them offered for auction. I guess those who needed and could afford one when they were available new, which is probably not that many units, are hanging on to them. Wouldn't surprise me if NASA own(ed) the majority of them.
    The standard F4s battery pack (MB-21) will not power the back. Either the MB-23 (F4E) AA pack or MB-22 External Power Regulator pack (shown below) are required.
    I wish you luck finding one that doesn't cost and arm AND a leg. That's going to be a tall order. Good luck! :) [​IMG]
    Image from
  11. I know that Nikon had those 250-exposure backs for the F2 and F3, but they stopped somewhere -- Shun Cheung
    The F2 and F3 system had both 250-exposure and 750-exposure (takes an entire 100 ft bulk roll) film backs. The 750-exposure back was dropped from the F4 system, and the F5 system had no bulk film back.
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    It is none of my business why one needs this back now in 2007, but I would imagine that most people who want one are camera collectors and therefore, the price is artifically jacked up to a level that has nothing to do with practical applications of such an accessory. Otherwise, today, if one wants 250 exposures, you just buy a 4G memory card for $40. :)
  13. My MF-22 back is just about the right size for a 4G card, but I couldn't get it to fit! ;-)
  14. Funny, by my thinking, it takes 15GB to store 250 exp., but then again I'm not a 2-bit photojournalist with no minimum standards. To each his own, I guess.

    Thanks for the info guys. Lol. I guess I should have bought an F3 ;-) Maybe my father working at NASA could get me leverage enough to steal one of theirs. I haven't seen a NASA picture from a space mission that was originated on film dated after 2003. If that's because of the Columbia incident or their complete discontinuance of film usage I'm not sure, though I do remember seeing a photo from a recent mission that had film cassettes and cameras in it (though no 100-foot backs).
  15. The Rolling Stones used one of these combos to shoot an entire music video. The individual frames were scanned and morphed so as to obtain enough frames for live video. The effect was pretty cool.


  16. Thanks guys.
  17. "Otherwise, today, if one wants 250 exposures, you just buy a 4G memory card for $40."

    Or trade your Nikon for a 35mm movie camera and shoot frame by frame :)

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