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  1. I’m in the middle of a CLA on my recently purchased Olympus Pen F Half Frame Camera(1963-1966)
    The camera is all in pieces... small pieces.. tiny pieces.. fun fun lol magnifiers and tweezers..
    Soon time for reassembly :)
    I have the exploded parts diagrams..however i’ll require more than just parts diagrams for reassembly ;)
    For weeks I’ve been searching the web for an Olympus Pen F Service Repair Manual without success :(
    Also important to know is that the internal parts of the Pen F differ from the later models Pen FT and Pen FV so i really need to locate a copy of the ”Olympus Pen F Half Frame Camera Service Repair Manual” in English would be BEST! But any language could work.. I can get a translation done :)
    Inside the Olympus Pen F Half Frame Camera are several springs that need to be tensioned correctly as well as several assemblies that all fit together in a specific way..Kind of similar to a difficult 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle ;)
    The Olympus Pen F service manual hopefully will include the correct order to assemble parts, clearances, spring tensions, adjustments and settings for the mirror box assembly, prism light seal placement, body light seals and the Body-Flange-Back measurement in mm which is really’s the distance between the front body flange where the back of the lens is affixed ..measured to the film emulsion in the back of the camera.
    I’m thinking the BFB measurement needs to be adjusted correctly to within .01-.02mm in order for photos to be sharp.

    If anyone knows any of the above mentioned or has/knows where to acquire the Pen F Service Repair Manual please reply back :)

    :) Also please reply back with any of your Pen F repair experiences.. do’s and don’t etc..thanks!


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