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  1. Hi all,

    I have been trying to find a program that will help me automatically
    tease out photos from my main folder when my clients send me a list of
    files (photos)to choose from for their album.

    Can anyone reccomend me an automated tool or we should rely on C++ and
    DOS to write our own scripts?

    Thank you

  2. You are very vague, are you looking for web based? or on your own system? I would think that if you require logins, and then the customer could select, you would have an individual list. At the end of the day/week, you can run a job and send pics to a printer.
  3. Thank you, I guess it was not clear.

    Let me try to clearify myself.

    My clients send me a text file which contains all 100 or more names of files for example AFV001.jpg and so on. What I would like to do is to load this file into a program, point to the directory where all my photos for this particular client reside and let the program create a new folder which will contain only those files which were depicted by my client.

  4. Geeeze, I don't know of any program that could do suggestion would be Ivue Media Pro. It would allow to scan the thumbnails and then with a stroke of a digit you could assign just the 100 photos to a "favorites" or "album" category which will put them in their own folder. Would that do it for ya?
  5. ok, I could have written that in less time that I have spent on the forum. What I would do, I use unix, is to have a master directory. Take the clients list, create a sub-directory, and for every file entry create a link back to the master directroy for that image. Of course you keep the origional list. links take very little disk space compared to an image file.
  6. So Frank,
    That is exactly what I am talking about, however, since I am cripled in unix, will the compiled program work in Windows?
  7. Labprints ( does that. The client orders from a web-based application ( or that you upload from Labprints. After they order, an XML file is downloaded to Labprints that manages their order. To create a subdirectory with just the ordered prints is as easy as "Export ordered images to ..." I know - I did it this past weekend with one of my orders.
  8. Ann,
    I think Labprints is a great choice for those who let someone else design the albums for your. However, I handle the design of flush albums myself and it takes some time to go through 1500 shots that I take during the wedding to choose 100-150 shots that will go into an album, I think it would be allot more time efficient if the software teased out all the files from the folder based on the inputed txt file and create either a zip files with all of the files or just a plain new folder only with those files which were depicted by the client.

  9. This is trivial with a common UNIX tool called xargs. In UNIX you can say:
    xargs -iX cp X targetdirectory < filelist.txt​
    The great thing is, you can use xargs in windows too, if you install cygwin, which is a free Linux-like environment for Windows. After installing cygwin you should be able to say:
    xargs -iX copy X targetdirectory < filelist.txt​
    I haven't tested the command above, since I don't use windows. But go ahead and try cygwin, it doesn't cost you anything.
  10. Thank you Mikko for that suggestion,

    I am going to give it a try.


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