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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by straw_man, May 24, 2015.

  1. Being a newbie, I am trying to get a feel for which forum is best for which subject. I am into both digital and film. There is quite a bit
    overlap between forums. For film, there is Canon FD, Classic mechanical, and modern. I gather that if a camera is inoperative with out
    batteries, modern film is appropriate. Nikon film cameras may be either in classic or modern. But quite a few Nikon film entries appear in
    the Nikon forum. It seems that Nikon forum would be better off if it was Nikon digital. I notice that there are quite a few entries in Canon
    FD discussing FD lenses mounted on mirrorless digital cameras - fine with me. But mounting classic lenses on such cameras seems to
    verboten on the classic mechanical forum. I just remembered that film cameras can all be discussed on the rangefinder forum.

    I am not complaining or trying to change anything. I just need a Rosetta Stone. I really like the comprehensive and friendly advice that is
  2. It's all up to checking out one's that may cover your type of equipment or interests. I currently peruse about 4 to 5 occasionally and 2
    every time I log on. I do prefer Casual Photo Conversations and the Classic Manual Forum tho.
  3. Jack, would you please post your threads about mirrorless cameras, like Sony NEX 7, in Mirrorless Digital Camera forum available at instead of posting in Sony/Minolta SLR System forum?
  4. There are no hard rules and indeed plenty overlap. The Nikon stuff indeed goes in both places, in the same way EOS film SLRs can go in Modern Film Cameras as well as the Canon EOS forum. Questions on point and shoot cameras can go into the Mirrorless section (as they do not have a mirror) as well as the manufacterer section; Olympus (m423rd versus old OM system) another example where both go fine. The Leica and rangefinder forum is fine for any rangefinder and/or any Leica (including their SLRs)... and so on.
    In the end, it's a matter of getting a feel for which forum will give you the best answer. The Nikon and Canon EOS forums are very lively, and see more traffic than the Modern Film Camera forum, however, more DSLR users that may not specifically know the oddities of the older products - the film camera forums more specialised audience, but you might have to wait longer.
    There is no right answer.

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