Soonday Treet*, 16 Jan 2022

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  1. Welcome, etc. Because of the weather, picnics are very popular out here and if there’s no room on the beach, try the pavement (sidewalk)


    * as they say up north
  2. Moss Landing, CA
    Pacific Grove - Flower & Bee 2.jpg
  3. The legacy of Haussmann
    PARIS - dimanche
  4. Need new thread for Blursday.
  5. urban picnic
    0212a Pareja-Picnic-Comida-NAFS70-300VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 70-300 G ED (300) on D700
  6. soonday_0116.jpg tailgating
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  8. Posted before, but I couldn't resist.

    I love a barbie, too ...

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  9. One can’t have too much of a gem
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  10. That's you in the middle?
  11. "That's you in the middle?" Arthur got.

    I think you have found a online friend, Ludmilla ;)
  12. Careful, Allen, Gobtalk gets jealous
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