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  1. This is speculation but sometimes we all do it. Sony have announced
    their intention to release 20 "new" lenses in the next 12 months.
    Optimistic perhaps but encouraging all the same.

    Which 5 lenses do you think will be the most likely ones to be
    released and which 5 would you want to see from your own
    perspective ? ( I have suggested 5 as to go for the full 20 would
    likely result in postings 5 miles long. )

    I am assuming that all the lenses will be the D variety and most of
    them zooms and the cameras will have a 1.5 crop factor ( at least the
    first few anyway ).Also assuming the kit lens versions will come
    first to go with the cameras, with more exotic versions to follow.

    My most likely 5 are :- 12-20mm f3.5-4.5 -- 28-100mm f3.5-4.5 -- 100-
    300mm f4.5-5.6 -- 100(75?)mm f2.8 macro -- 35mm f2.

    My wish list :- 70-210mm f4 ( love the one I have but one day it will
    expire from old age ) -- 24-105mm f2.8-3.5 ( the one I have is OK but
    could be quicker with a better fitting hood and less vignetting ) --
    200-400 f4 ( just because it would fit nicely in my range - some
    hopes ) -- 300mm f4 APO ( reasonably affordable ) -- 80 or 100mm f2.8
    soft focus ( just because I would love to try one ).

    As I said, speculation, but who knows, it may just interest Sony. We
    know they watch this Forum and respond - albeit only to correct a
    dodgy link so far.

    ( If they are listening - how about full frame ?! )
  2. .

    GREAT thought piece, Bill - one that combines the potential for ardent research and equally ardent opinion! ;-) I'll get in before this thread gets deleted. :-(

    I say primes at least:








    MAYBE new formulae for the smaller sensor, at elast different coating and external cosmetics. Sadly the diagonal rubber welts will be gone - one of the quickest ways I could determine waht camera someone was using. I HOPE at elast Sony keeps the "Alpha" logo is big and red.



    Love and hugs,

    Peter Blaise Minolta Alpha Photographer
  3. Nice idea for a thread, Bill.

    I'm supposing that the KM/Tamron designed lenses will be in the lineup i.e.: 11-18mm, 18-70mm, 18-200mm, 28mm-75mm, and 17-35mm.

    What I'd like: 24mm D, 35mm f1.4 G/D, 85mm f1.4 G/D 100-300mm APO D and a 500mm G Lens. Wouldn't mind seeing some SSM lenses.

    Of course, we could be censored for having such foolish wishes! LOL.

  4. I got most of the lenses I want already (Put my faith in Sony and bought a load from UK dealers who were selling their Minolta stuff cheap(ish)). The only ones I really want now are the 80-200 ssm and 35 1.4 G ( The 35 is still available here but I can't afford it right now).
    Must have lenses for a line up:
    17-35 3.5
    28-80 2.8
    20 2.8
    35 1.4 G
    85 1.4 G
    80-200 ssm
    200 Macro
    I'm personally wary of the DT lenses since when the Full-frame comes (please Sony) they will be useless. I always think a lens should outlast a body!
  5. I am not optimistic about FF. Sony has put a lot of effort into increasing picel density and sensitivity, which says to me APS-C is here to stay.

    With that said, I think Robert is right on what Sony will do. All zooms except for the really long stuff.

    What would I personally like to see Sony do? 70-200 SSM, 300 f2.8 SSM, 85mm f1.4 G, 50mm f2.8 Macro, and a 24mm f2.0 G (dream for the shooters that like the 35mm perspective).

    My personal picks would tell me that they aren't going to leave the advanced shooters behind.

  6. Chris, you mention a 35mm f1.4 available. What price and where at, please?

  7. Now if I told you and you bought it there wouldn't be one available ;)
  8. I can't confirm, but this is the latest rumor:

    1. AF DT 3.5-5.6/18-70 (D)
    2. AF DT 3.5-6.3/18-200 (D)
    3. AF DT 4.5-5.6/11-18 (D)
    4. AF DT 2.8/17-50 (D) *
    5. AF 2.8-4.0/17-35 (D)
    6. AF 2.8/28-75 (D)
    7. AF 3.5-4.5/24-105 (D)
    8. AF 4.5-5.6/75-300 (D)
    9. AF 4.5-5.6/100-300 APO(D)
    10. AF 4.5-6.7/100-400 APO(D) *
    11. AF 2.8/28-70 SSM(D) *
    12. AF 2.8/70-200 SSM(D)

    Prime lens
    1. AF 2.8/50 Macro (D)
    2. AF 2.8/100 Macro (D)
    3. AF 1.4/35 (D) *
    4. AF 1.4/50 (D) *
    5. AF 1.4/85 (D)
    6. AF 2.8(T4.5)/135 STF
    7. AF 2.8/200 (D) *
    8. AF 2.8/300 SSM (D)

    Don't ask me what the "*" means because I do not know.

    Here is the link. I don't speak the language.

  9. I think the * means it is a new lens from what I can see although the new sometimes appears to mean that the G part disappears, or a D is added or it is a new version of an older lens.

    Seems a fairly logical range of offerings for starters but will probably need a lot of advertising to convince people that it is all something special.

    That is of course if it is any way reliable ?!

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