Sony NEX on Omega 4x5

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  1. In the "for what its worth" category. My Sony NEX 5R adapted for use with an Omega 4x5. Some pics of the set-up and the results. The mint leaves and nickel pics are about as extended as the NEX/Omega/Schneider135mm can go, so you can see the extent of magnification possible.
  2. Camera mounted with an OM bayonet mount.
  3. Mint leaf
  4. Wow, somebody needs to clean their sensor! Nothing like f32 to show your dirt :)
    Here's another mint leaf shot
  5. And a less than maxed out shot. A miranda ...
  6. Very interestign Joe and makes me want to see more!
  7. Thanks Joe -
    Well, this inspires me to mock up something similar and try it on my Calumet 4x5 (ground glass spring-back would require alternate approach). But this looks pretty cool. Now I have some fun homework to do over X-Mas break.
    Jim M.
  8. If you could devise some way of moving the position of the NEX without disturbing the Omega you could stitch all the photos and end up with a 4x5 digital scanning back producing shots with hundreds of Mp.

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