Sony/Minolta pictures of the week | 5 August

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  1. The chapel at Worcester College, Oxford (William Burges, architect)

    A7 III, FE 28mm F2 + Ultra Wide Converter (=21mm)

    And from earlier this year,

    James Turrell | Second Wind | 2005 at NMAC, near Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
    A7 III, FE 28mm F2 + Ultra Wide Converter (=21mm)
    Two-frame vertical stitch.
  2. A7II, 28-70
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  3. A chance moment captured while walking in the park with the big Sigma and x1.4 TC with Metabones V only zoomed to 426mm. :rolleyes:
  4. A 28-70 zoom lens came with my Sony A7 camera in February 2015. I barely used the lens, as I soon got adapters to use my Leica mount lenses and then changed to manual focus Nikkors. For over three years the zoom sat unused. Last week I used it for a few photos. This pedestrian group shot is only to show that the lens performs fairly well.
    999_sony.jpg Sony FE 28-70 on Sony A7
  5. Yes, I found those kit lens performance not bad at all.
  6. FA36AD7F-6C58-48A7-93AB-56E88D4FD4FD.jpeg
    Minolta SR-1
    Auto Rokkor-PF 55/2
    Kodak P3200
  7. _7R32413_AuroraHDR2018-edit.jpg
    Sony A7Riii + Loxia 50/2, f/5.6 @ ISO 125

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