Sony/Minolta pictures of the week | 11 November

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  1. Here's an unsmiling chap with his grand-dad.
    Nikkor 85/2 on Sony A7
  2. When people gone.
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  3. Handsome well dressed gentleman. Sony a6000 / Sony/Zeiss 17-70mm 4.0

  4. Shooting in the dark or very close to it, and the room had dim colored lights. So forget white balance. lol. Under low colored lights  Sony x1000-08873.jpg
  5. Of course going to a faster lens and a lot of tweaking in Lightroom helps but this isn't what the eye was seeing. I am considering going next time with proper lighting and possible ways to light the musicians and singers, maybe spot Rembrandt lighting, And possibly the items on the wall will vanish in the dark. But this is open mic night at the Bistro so it is what it is. :rolleyes: Hopewell Bistro Canon angle naturalx1000-1.jpg
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  6. Just made my second light modifier and testing them shooting using wireless tethering with my android tablet. A7RIII with Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art. second light modifier test  Sony x1000-.jpg
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  7. Just another proof that lighting and lenses are more important than camera body:)
    I would brighten it up a bit, but may be it's just my monitor.
  8. So true.
  9. Whether the "light modifier" works by reflecting light or by altering light which passes through it, I'd say it does a good job. I wonder, though, why the top left of the frame is so dark.
  10. Top left and top right looks the same on my screen.
  11. Sorry, I should have said "left edge". It's now clear the light and the modifier were to the right of the camera.
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  12. Thanks, Mukul.

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