Sony Alpha series..... Field Guide books.

Discussion in 'Education' started by lintrathen, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Over the years (here on PN) I have seen many postings from members looking for books to help them understand their camera's a little better and indeed, photography better too. I too have been in the same boat, as, let's face it, the manufacturers user guide is close to hopeless.
    I currently use the A100, 350 and 700 and have located a Digital Field Guide on each of these units. During my search however, I have passed over many other field guides, relevent to other makes of camera..... so they are out there.
    So, if you are looking, try and search for your make/model of camera.
    The Author of my 3 guides is Tom Bonner (authors vary from camera type to camera type) and can be found here
    The books I have are worth their weight in gold and I have read them cover to cover many times. They form part of my photography kit and I have referred to them often, on location.

    Easy to read, easy to understand, step by step, illustrated in colour, bit of humour and very interesting.
    So, if you are an "Alpha" user, this ones for you.
    Let me know what you think of the guide you buy. Just add your comment to the thread.

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