Sony a7R III Demonstration Shots

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  1. Well, I will, when I get back, but since you do test shooting , why don't you just take two shots, one with OSS on and one with OSS off?
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  2. Nick is talking about a different image, in case this has gotten confusing to those trying to compare images:

    [​IMG]Pelicans and Gulls by David Stephens, on Flickr

    It would have been nice if he'd offered that when I posted the one I thought it was. Maybe his boat is rocking too much.
  3. I did- "It is next image. Here is screenshot. I was quoting Canadian price, special thanks to our central banker."

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  4. Another example is your pic of bold eagle "Don't point at me", look at out of focus tree branches behind of eagle.
    Yes, i am working on the ships, that's how I found that VR or IS doesn't necessary help and sometimes it make things worst.
  5. Mr. Stephens thanks for the pictures. As usual your photographs are simply amazing. Are you keeping or using your Canon gear?

  6. Mark, thanks you very much. I will be selling a few pieces, but several people have dibs on my EF 500/f4 II and my 5D MkIV. I've got an one-year old EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II and a 5DS-R body. I have really thought about prices, but I'm interested in offers. I'm sending the 5DS-R into CPS for clean and check and to get a shutter count. (I'm guessing around 50,000-clicks for that body).
  7. Please stop going off topic. You refer to an image taken with an a9 in a thread about the Sony a7R III. Others can see it below, so they're not in the dark:

    [​IMG]Don't Point At Me by David Stephens, on Flickr

    You may not like the bokeh, but you have no way of knowing how it'd look with the IS off. Why not show us, IN YOUR OWN THREAD, how being shipboard helped you discover that IS is bad.
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    Guys, this is silly - one shows off his new toy, the other picks on it and so it goes. Life should be more interesting than that! Use what you have, buy what you want, do what you do & move along.
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  9. Nice photos, however the A7Riii's claim to fame is resolution. Your demonstration photos would benefit from web output sharpening, based on the image size in pixels. You might look at PhotoKit Sharpener (www. pixel, and look through their tutorials.

    Images taken in Iceland with a Sony A7Rii + 24-70/2.8 GM lens. Shown below, before (L) and after (R) sharpening with PhotoKit Output Sharpener

    _DSC3752 HDR-Edit-2 - Compare.jpg
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  10. Thanks.

    Dynamic ranges is another big "claim to fame" of the a7R III. The following shot at ISO 20,000, with only default noise reduction is a game changer for us wildlife shooters that are out pre-dawn and post-dusk:

    [​IMG]I see you... by David Stephens, on Flickr
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  11. If this is a problem at all, it's a Nikon problem, not Canon or Sony.

    Also, you haven't explained how image stabilization can be detrimental to one part of an image and not to the rest. Show me the "clear image degradation" in the sample we've been discussing. There is none, the birds in the focus plane are sharp as tacks.
  12. "VR is essentially a element group in the lens that is moved to compensate for any detected camera motion. Because this element group is usually deep in the middle of the lens, typically near the aperture opening but not exactly at the opening, you have to think about what is happening to the optical path when VR is active. Are there times when it shifts where it imparts a change to the image quality other than pure stabilization? I believe there are, though the impact is visually subtle. Some of the mid-range distance bokeh of certain VR lenses appears to be impacted by VR being on. Put another way, the background in the scene is moving slightly differently than the focus point in the optical path. This results in what I call "busy bokeh," or bokeh that doesn't have that simple shape and regularity we expect out of the highest quality glass."
    It's from Tom Hogan's, "All about Nikon VR", highlights are mine. Nikon lens, Canon lens or Sony lens, they all using the same in lens image stabilization system.Sony also using IBIS, don't know how that effects image background.
    I never said anything about birds in focus plane being out of focus or blurred, I was always pointing to out of focus background being blurred in kind off strange way. :)
  13. Have you read what you've posted? It does nothing to explain how one part of an image can be disfigured and not the rest of the image. If it were a "focal point" (his term) instead of a "focal plain" his explanation might make some sense. ;-)

    Your demonstration shots are eagerly awaited, IN YOUR OWN THREAD.
  14. Again, have you read it?
    "Put another way, the background in the scene is moving slightly differently than the focus point in the optical path. This results in what I call "busy bokeh," or bokeh that doesn't have that simple shape and regularity we expect out of the highest quality glass."
  15. It's crystal clear that you read it without thinking about what he's proposing. Just demonstrate it.
  16. [​IMG]
    Tell me that you got amazing bokeh here,
    and here
    it is the same lens, isn't it?
    Anyway, if you completely satisfied with it, enjoy it.:)
  17. Nick, you may not like the bokeh, but demonstrate a difference for the cause that you state. You can't simply look at bokeh and say, I don't like that because the IS was on. You need a reference.

    Patiently awaiting your demonstration. Maybe you give us a time estimate so we can start watching the Nikon Forum at the appropriate time, OR you could even post a link in this thread to tie up the off topic discussion that you started here.
  18. Some time after Xmas, and what it has to do with Nikon Forum?
  19. It doesn't belong in the Sony Forum, so why not where you usually haunt? Pick your favorite forum to start your own thread and we'll flock to it.
  20. I didn't know that Sony doesn't use vibration reduction, my bad:).

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