Someone is trying to sell me (www.(mycity) Domain Name. Should I bite?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by adam_nash|3, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Howdy!
    I was emailed by someone named Gyle who is selling for $500. I laughed and said I'd give him $50 because these domain name don't carry the SEO Juice that they used to. He came back at $250.
    Is this something worth considering. Using it for a 301 redirect or splash page...?
    thanks for any input.
    SEO struggler,
  2. Many people buy and sell domain names. Only you can decide if it's worth it. Trust? Dunno, I'd never sell a high-value domain name without using a reputable 3rd party service to at least handle it on an escrow basis, but $250 won't be worth their while. If you pay this guy and if you don't get the name, it'd be pretty easy to get the credit card or Paypal transaction reversed.
  3. Oh, and one other thing, do a whois to be sure the guy actually owns it. :)
  4. its on auction t go daddy for the next month. he says he delivers rights before i pay...
    i see other across the US using such names, it looks like it would help me. scared though. (and cheap)
  5. Ask GoDaddy (866-938-1119) if this is a good idea. I would equate this to someone offering to sell you an eBay auction outside of eBay. -Tread cautiously.
  6. right. hmmm.
  7. Isnt bellingham spelled with two Ls? A few scammers try to sell mispeled names.
  8. Bellingham (where I lived 1975-78) is spellled with two L's and the one (one L) he is selling is available today for the normal aquistion fee. Really, at least Network Solutions says so. Me thinks something smells a bit off.
  9. no its right. i guess a misspelled in the post. here's his first email:
    I have a premium domain for Bellingham photographers: The Option - This domain can be used to instantly redirect prospective customers to your website or as a new website or blog. The Price - $500 (one-time). No Risk - I will send you the domain before you pay. You may also purchase it through GoDaddy by going to and typing on the home page.
  10. On the surface it appears to be a legitimate offer or at least the prospective seller has looked up the domain name on Network Solutions which lists an e-mail you can verify the offer. Probably the guy is a reseller of domain names and has 100's registered with, some with "city" names.
    The only question is if it's worth the money to you to buy it. You could and turn into a commerical Website for photographers in the Bellingham and Whatcom County area directory of photographers, stores, services, etc. Kinda' the one-stop shop for customers for all things photography, and charge them for the links to their Websites.
  11. thanks Scott. I actually pay into funny enough. I'll keep researching.

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