Some Pentax 645D info at PIE2009 Tokyo

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  1. Hi there,
    This is my first post. Firstly, I want to say thank you for your useful info. I read most of posts and bought 645 and a few lenses. I am enjoying it so much.
    Today, I went to PIE 2009 Tokyo (Photo trade show) and attended Pentax 645D talk session. One of Japanese professional photographer asked several question about 645D to Pentax guys. (Sorry I am not sure they are R&D guy or marketing guy.)
    Here are questions and answers:
    1. When will it be on the market?
    -- Some time next year. They have target date but it's not possible to reveal now.
    2. Pricing?
    -- Pentax wants it to be under 1,000,000 yen (roughly, $10,000)
    3. Shake reduction?
    -- It's unlikely. The MF sensor can be "move" but hard to stop.
    4. What is the exact sensor size?
    -- They can not answer at this point.
    5. Which medium to store the photo data?
    -- SD (No CF) and they say it's going to be double slots.
    6. Any specific data of Super Wide lens?
    -- They can not answer.
    After the talk show, I personally asked about DFA 55mm lens. A Pentax guy said that
    it can be used with film camera body but there is some "limitation" in operation.
    He could not tell me what that means. It might be SDM?
    I hope it will help a bit and if someone can follow or correct me, please do.
    Thank you,
  2. It would be foolish to have the 645D not be compatible with the existing 645 lenses. Then again, anyone spending $10k USD on a camera isn't going to sweat another couple thousand on lenses, I guess. Still, it seemed only natural that the 645D would be backward compatible, and I even thought I had read that it would be (way back before it got cancelled the first time).
  3. The 645D is compatible with all exsisting 645 optics, even the AF. The new D-FA 55/2.8 is usable with some limitation with the analog 645.
  4. Oh, sorry, I misread that. He was talking about using a new lens on old film bodies.
  5. Yoshi:
    Thank you for your report; encouraging news. Perhaps I won't sell my 645 lenses just yet.
  6. I'd love to know what the bit depth is and the MP count.
  7. Good work, Yoshi!
  8. $10K is very reasonable for an MF digital SLR.
    I'll continue to hold out hope. ;-)
  9. Fastastic News ! Thanks for sharing ! any Idea where all will it be sold ? US / EU / JP ?
    Thanks again Yoshi
  10. Interesting how many people feel this is fantastic news without knowing anything about the sensor or the real cost.
  11. More discussion can be found at:
  12. Dave - I imagine it wouldn't be any less than 14bit. Most high end 35mm digital SLR's are 14bit, and the majority of digital backs/camera's in the medium format range seem to be either 14bit or 16bit (the Phase One P65+ is a 16bit output).

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