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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by patricks, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. So much f-ing crap going on here lately that I'm ready to pack it up. But I thought I'd share a link to extraordinary photos taken by Ladislav Kamarad . Hence, these are not Leica photos, all images are taken with Hasselblad. Enjoy! And chill!
  2. Patrick, I can't seem to get onto the link, it could be my server though, but thanks for it anyway. I agree with the amount of crap going on, but it seems to be coming from just a few people. I do think it will lessen and we can resume our normal forum antics. I would really hate to see you pack it in and leave, so I just ask that you don't and wait it out. I checked out your folders the other day and found some excellent pics, especially your people folder. Keep them coming. Cheers.
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    His "People from Nepal" album contains lots "rangefinder style" photos. Pretty stunning stuff. Thanks, Patrick. That's more like what we should be talking about here.
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    Patrick of Washington, did you notice that some where photogrpahed with a Pentacon 6, the camera i mentioned in "Guessing Exposure"?

    Thanks for the link, the distration from awfull words and back to great images is well timed
  5. This is the URL directly to the galleries, perhaps that works:
  6. The mountain photos give me a chance to mention this...

    If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend the film 'Touching the Void', the story of an amazing survival after a mountain climbing accident.
  7. Anyone climbing a mountain with 60 lbs of gear and Hassy equipment to take a photo like this earns my respect and admiration.
  8. Patrick,<br>
    Many thanks for posting the link.<br>
    Awsome photos!
  9. I finally got to it. Thanks so much for the link. There are some damned fine photos there. I am going to save this link and keep going back.
  10. Thank you Patrick, both for the truly excellent link and the return to sanity.
  11. If you don't mind my adding these, here's some more lovely stuff:
  12. Interesting that he uses both a Hasselblad 503 and a Pentacon 6. The Pentacon is one of the all time bargain cameras provided you can live with its somewhat unreliable film advance; especially as you can get the truly wonderful 180mm Sonnar for it. The 50mm Flektagon isn't bad, either.

    Interesting also that he uses the Leica Mini. Has anyone else tried this little camera out?
  13. I thought I'd share a link to extraordinary photos taken by Ladislav Kamarad . Hence, these are not Leica photos
    Did you mean that the way it came out?
  14. xxx Z - whatever your name is... content, not form. just let this be a happy thread please.
  15. I had a Petacon Six back in the 1970's. The film advance was very unreliable, with major spacing problems between frames, sometimes overlapping. The 50/4 Flektagon was very good as was the 300/4 Sonnar. The 80/2.8 Biometer and 180/2.8 Sonnar were excellent! The best thing was the auto diaphragm adapter for Pentax screw mount. They also made a 65mm Flektagon and 120mm Biometer.

    Another disadvantage was that the ground glass was a lot smaller than the image area on the film and the pentaprism finders showed still less of the picture area.

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