Some fun with a film scanner

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by fred_defdef, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Do you like this macro photo?

    My technique is to insert the subject to scan between two peace of
    exposed negative film.

    I would like to build a pseudo slide holder to get better scan!

  2. Very interesting! Is the noise or grain in the background from the film or scanner? I used to kill time back when I worked in a photolab years ago by sandwiching bugs like this and printing them as enlargements. I may give this a try w/ my old film scanner. Although that is closer to a mosquito than I care to get right now with Nile virus in Colorado!
  3. freD,

    Nice detail, but the scans look a little flat.

    Neat idea, I've never seen that done before. Anti-Newton glass slide mounts in 35mm are about US$0.35. They might make a damn good mount if your scanner has a slide carrier. I think I'll get some and try that.

  4. The cheat of négative I used was not really clean !
    The awful backgroung is due to the both dusty film sandwich-ed !

    I just add two pictures using my new pseudo-slides build from a destroyed cristal Cd case and a thin transparent plastic.
    I'm very happy with the wasp wings!
  5. A bit of moire action in the wasp wings, just adds to the effect, I think this new art form deserves a new name, how about -scanograms?
  6. Looks like things under a hobbyist microscope. I guess the thrill is the digital capture? Otherwise looks fairly ho-hum to me.
  7. I took self potraits with a large bed flatbed scanner then did a water transfer to art paper using Strathmore High Gloss.

    Welcome to digital alt. process!

    These images are now part of the Nicolasion Art Museums collection...
  8. I tried some sharpenning filter on my picture. With Success!
    Be careful to shift-reload to avoid the old picture from the navigator cache.
  9. Now I have a real slide mount with anti-newton.
    Scanograms is already existing... but scanoscopy is not found with google!
  10. Hi,

    a new experiment with scales fish.


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