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  1. Sometimes a weekend happens, when the wife & kid are out of town, the snow has buried you indoors and all that is left to do is play in the darkroom for 16 hours and give the "vintage" flatbed scanner a are some of the results. Your comments are appreciated. Taken with a Contax IIIa and a 21mm Biogon this past December..Small town (Calcata) just north of Rome, Italy.
  2. Comment: It's too damn big for my screen.
  3. ok, way too big...
  4. Marco: Ai fatto un capolavoro. Forza e continua cos쮠
  5. size matters...
  6. Really striking. Film ? Developer ?
  7. this is Ilford FP4+ in ID-11 at the recommended times...The print is from an underexposed negative (by at least one & half stops) but printed up rather well on Grade 3 1/2 paper.
  8. I agree it's a striking shot. Thanks, Marco, for putting up these threads. I add here a shot by a much humbler camera, the Argus C4.
  9. Red,

    Wonderful shot, monochrome until you hit the people! Great. I have an Argus sitting around, must feed it with film!
  10. Another Contax IIIa shot, this time in Spoleto (Central Italy) with a postwar 35mm f2.8 Biogon.
  11. Another people-in-front-of-architecture shot, this one with a Minolta SRT 101. If you've got a 101, get it out too!
  12. And just for kicks, a Contaflex IV.
  13. And just in case some of you don't know the Contaflex IV, here's a shot of my very own. Love that Tessar!
  14. Very nice work, Marco. You should send Momma and the kid out shopping more often! Thanks.
  15. I loved the first B&W shot. The shot by Red of the glass arch was great too. How did you keep the verticals so straight?
  16. I wouldn't kick a Contax with the 21mm out of bed...
  17. VERY NICE! I see so few shots made with the 21 Biogon and it sure seems worthy of its reputation. If only someone with both could tell me how it compares to the Cosina Voigtlander 21/4 in Contax mount!

    There was a very nice 21 Biogon that went for about $800 on ebay a few weeks back.
  18. That Biogon "fell" into my hands a few years ago, having traded it for a Piece (front shutter, panel and lens) of a 1914 Simplex Multi-exposure. I have never regretted the trade. The best thing about it is that is you keep the camera level you can hardly tell it's an ultrawide! Will post another shot (on this thread)if I get the chance.
  19. Side street in Spoleto, with th 21mm. Ilford Delta 400.
  20. > I got far back so I didn't have to tilt the camera. Here's a shot taken earlier that day.

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