Some Barrel Racing & Racers July 4

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sandy Vongries, Jul 7, 2017.

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    For those not familiar with the sport, skilled women and girls ride a course around barrels to see who is the fastest. Skill, determination and a good horse required. Action, a sequence or two, and informal portraits. DSC_5657_4668DSC_5657.JPG DSC_5658_4669DSC_5658.JPG DSC_5659_4670DSC_5659.JPG DSC_5660_4671DSC_5660.JPG DSC_5662_4672DSC_5662.JPG DSC_5663_4673DSC_5663.JPG DSC_5633_4660DSC_5633.JPG DSC_5634_4661DSC_5634.JPG DSC_5635_4662DSC_5635.JPG DSC_3055_4655DSC_3055.JPG DSC_3057_4656DSC_3057.JPG DSC_3059_4657DSC_3059.JPG DSC_3060_4658DSC_3060.JPG DSC_3063_4674DSC_3063.JPG DSC_3065_4659DSC_3065.JPG DSC_5637_4663DSC_5637.JPG DSC_5638_4664DSC_5638.JPG DSC_5652_4665DSC_5652.JPG DSC_5654_4667DSC_5654.JPG
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    Wayne -- the tiny girls were so amazing the little girl in blue with the big hat was absolutely fearless and rode like a cavalry trooper. Only a second slower than the top few "big girls" and women. Though she was in a different sport, she / they reminded me of my daughter at the same age. Your rider has the same quality. Thanks!
  3. How about 8 - 12 year old girls and boys riding a 20 kilometer race across the steppe, sometimes bareback?



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    Nice! They do a little of that here as well. DSC_3618_4800DSC_3618.JPG DSC_3619_4927DSC_3619.JPG DSC_9904_4929DSC_9904.JPG And some other stuff. DSC_9920_4928DSC_9920.JPG
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