Some 24-120/4G reviews

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jose_angel, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. That reference sites doesn`t have their "laboratory" tests available yet. Maybe you consider this ones worth a read:
    Compromises, compromises... well, it looks to be a reasonable 24-85AFS replacement.
  2. Compromises, compromises...
    Yeah, it's a 5x standard zoom. I think it would be nice if Nikon would make some f/4 zooms with narrower range and consequently higher optical quality. E.g. 24-70/4 or 35-105/4. But I guess to sell a lens today has to be either 1) really cheap, 2) really fast, or 3) have a wide zoom range. Moderation in parameters is seen as boring.
    Still I will get the 24-120/4 at some point. I need something that goes to both sides of the 70mm focal length.
  3. Agree. And I`d add a top quality construction, but if so, It`d not be fullfil your rules... cost could be the same as e.g. a 24-70/2.8, with same size and weight.
    Anyway, I`m positive. I`d like to taste it. Too many years being envious of the 24-105 IS...
  4. I also prefer the static aperture of this lens, and it interests me a lot, given the shooting I like to do.

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