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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by RaymondC, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Hi all

    I have a D600, don't plan on editing. There is Nikon View NX2 and View NX-D and NX-i. Are the latter the newer ones?

  2. The free Irfanview (for Windows) will open almost any image file quickly.

    NX-D is slow to open and slow to load images. I don't know about NX-i.

    NX-2 may be too old to support NEF files from a D600. You'd have to check that.
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  3. View NX-2 may work, as the version that came with the D7100 still opens D7200 files, but it's slow too. Irfanview is not only fast but compact, and even comes in a portable version you can put on a memory stick.
  4. Still am a big fan of BreezeBrowser Pro from Breeze System. When used with NEF files, it extracts the embedded JPEGs literally instantaneously; there's no delay "rendering" anything. I use it in conjunction with Downloader Pro from the same company so that I can rename files on the fly while transferring them from the card to the computer. Both pieces of software aren't free though; BreezeBrowser Pro is now $99 and Downloader Pro is $45 (with a $10 discount if purchased together).
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  5. I can't see much that BreezeBrowser pro does that Irfanview doesn't.

    Rotation without recoding - yep! Irfanview does that.
    Resizing, cropping, renaming, slideshow, simple image corrections, "instant" and camera agnostic RAW viewing, file format change, etc, etc. All done by Irfanview with a $99 discount.
  6. View NX-i is View NX2 with less editing tools (removed since Capture NX-D became available). It's certainly an option, likewise IrfanView, FastStone Image Viewer or XnView are very good options if you only need a viewer - they're all free. I quite liked ViewNX-i, especially since it does supply good features to copy files (automatic backup to second drive, renaming etc.).
  7. With Adobe Camera Raw installed, I can use default viewers in Windows and OS to preview RAW files as well as other image formats. I can view thumbnails in Windows Explorer or Finder without opening the files.
  8. Personally. I love fastone image viewer. Free and string. It reads all RAW files and allows editing. Even though I have an yearly subscription to Photoshop, I use FASTONE 90% of the time for everything.

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