Software to upload images to my website?

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  1. I am in the process of building my own web site to post and hopefully
    sell my images. There are many types of software I'll need to
    facitilate this process. Specifically what is the preferred software
    for uploading the images (thumbnails)to my site?

    By this time the images have been edited, compressed and include a

    I've heard of a software called FTP? Will this software do what I
    need? What company makes this software and how can I contact?
    Mike Turner
  2. This depends on how you're handling the gallery portion of your site.

    You can run a dedicated gallery on your site, using software like Gallery which runs on the webserver. Upload can be via the Remote client, a web interface or a file-copy protocol (Usually FTP, but sometimes scp).

    FTP is the File-Transfer Protocol, the defacto standard for how to copy files over the net. There's a number of software packages that handle this, including Windows Explorer. On the Mac side, I'd recomend Panic Software's Transmit.

    If you aren't using a server-side gallery package, you'll need something to generate the gallery pages (HTML, Thumbnails and images). Photoshop can do this, as can iPhoto.
  3. Yes, Transmit for MacOS X is great. But a word about security... if you can and if you're host
    uses it, use SFTP -- Secure File Transfer Protocol. Otherwise, you'll be sending your ID and
    password to the server in the "clear". SFTP will encrypt your ID and password as it's send over
    the internet.
  4. you can do it from internet explorer. your ISP will have allocated an ftp address with your webspace which is usually something like:

    if you then type into the internet explorer address bar the following then you will be able to upload files to your webspace.

    you will need your webspace userid and password and obviously you have to replace "" with your allocated ftp name.

    alternatively, one of the best free ftp software packages around is smartftp

    having said all that, if you are using any half decent web development tool such as dreamweaver or frontpage then they have ftp software built in which makes the whole process of uploading your web project a snap.
  5. e.g. dreamweaver has FTP included
  6. Another vote for SmartFTP if you want a GUI.
  7. Don't know what your exact needs are, but there's an excellent freeware software utility you might consider. It's called JAlbum. It's an integrated tool that resizes photos, creates thumbnails, builds HTML pages (based on customizable templates), and uploades via FTP to a designated web host. It's very slick, and I rely on it heavily for a personal website.
    Depending on your existing computer skills, there might be a bit of a learning curve, but that will be true in any website endeavor. You can learn more on the Jalbum website.
  8. Leech ftp is free and quite good (don't know if there is a mac version though)... The problem though is (and not covered by your question, so I could be off here...), the ftp client (btw ftp means File Transfer Protocol) is only used to physically copy the files onto the server, you will need a webpage to display them... I don't know how you designed your site, but normally the thumbs will have to be hardcoded into a page that displays them, complete with links to bigger versions etc, so you will need to do some html as well (I have created an asp script for my pages that automatically loads every file in a specific location and tries to display them as images, which suits me well but doesn't work really well for a photographers site)... what software do you use to create your page? As said above, dreamweaver already has ftp connectivity inbuild
  9. FileZilla. Yes, really.
  10. Here is one more question in this regard.
    I want to provide a facility to my customer to upload photos
    to my site ( I'm running a 'Picture improvement services' through
    my website. Right now they e-mail me their pictures).
    Like a online photo lab, the customers requests me to have such
    facility (upload button-through which they upload their pictures
    to my site - which are not visible to others).
    Secondly, with this upload facility, I want to give them a
    'download' facility.I provide them a link on which they go
    and download their improved pictures.
    Any help, Please!

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