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  1. I am setting up a new laptop , with my old one I use Nikon Transfer 2 to move files from my card to laptop but I am not seeing that on Nikon USA site, Im guessing its out of date. Whats the software now from Nikon to use for this?
  2. With my Nikon and other cameras I just drag the folder with the photos out of the card and on to the desktop.
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  3. I do it the way Sanford does it. Quick, simple and easy with no other software needed.

    Rick H.
  4. Assuming that all of your existing software runs on your new laptop, then there should be no reason to use 'special' software to transfer files.

    As Sandford suggests, just drag'n'drop the appropriate files across from the card. You may then need to refresh or re-index those files in your editing software, but that should be trivial.

    To transfer files from your old computer, the easiest way is to use an intermediate portable HDD or a large capacity USB memory stick. Again, it's just a case of copying the appropriate folders to the portable disk, and then onto your new computer.

    The risk with automatic transfer software is that it'll 'hide' the files in some obscure folder where you can't find them.
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  6. Nikon Transfer is a program you can use to transfer files from your card to your computer. It is part of Nikon View Nxi or NX Studio. NX Studio is the name of the latest Nikon software that combines View Nxi and NX-D, the raw processor, into one program. You can download the Nikon software you need from here:

    Nikon | Download Center

    I do not use it as I use a different third party program, but i have many friends who use it and like it.
  7. I use a USB card reader plugged into the computer, and take the cards out of my camera and into the card reader.
  8. Are we talking about XQD or SD, just out of interest...:D
  9. It's best not to use any software. Just Windows.
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    What is best is subjective.
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  11. Yes it is subjective. It's totally my opinion.
  12. I still use a program called Downloader Pro - it allows me to rename the files while downloading. I create unique filenames based on the date of image acquisition, camera used, and the current number of actuations for that camera. For example: 2021-11-24-D85-16129 (taken with the D850; shot number 16129). I then review the images with BreezeBrowser Pro - which reads the embedded JPEG from the RAW file and hence is quite fast ( I don't like Lightroom or DxO software because they take too long to render each preview). Works well with large embedded JPEGS like those delivered from the Nikon DSLRs and mirrorless; not so good with the small size JPEGs from a Sony.mirrorless. Both pieces of software are not free though. I've been using these programs for over a decade and only had to pay for upgrades twice IIRC.
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  13. I use Nikon Transfer, as I also change the file name during import, but not to the extend as Dieter Schaefer - that has worked for me since 2007
  14. I use BreezeBrowser Pro to only copy the files I would like to keep (if I have time to spare). I really like the batch-rename feature. I do think it is over-priced though, considering the excellent FastStone Image Viewer is free. Otherwise I would just use Windows File Explorer to copy the entire card.
  15. Agreed! $95 does seem a bit steep....:(

    I've never looked to see if other software programs allow you to not have to 'Confirm to Delete'.
  16. Both
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  17. Hadn't realized the price has gone up that much. I purchased the BreezeBrowser Pro/Downloader Pro combo for $89.90 back in October 2006. Upgraded (D300) in August 2008 for $45. Again in April 2014 for $35 and again in October 2019 for $61; in both of the latter cases I cannot recall want prompted the need to upgrade.
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  18. My workflow is somewhat similar to Dieter's. I also use Downloader Pro to create file folders and file names specific to the shoot and date taken when I transfer images from the card to my computer. I also create keywords and other IPTC data that gets put into xmp files at the same time. When I went digital with a Nikon D 200, Nikon transfer was not available as I recall.

    A sample file folder created at download might be: 2021_11_25_Thanksgiving_D850 and a file name: 211125_Thanksgiving_19.NEF. Since I shoot with multiple cameras I like to see the camera name in the file folder but not the file name. The choices are just about endless.

    I like the "download selected" feature in DP as it allows me to create different file folders and file names for different shoots on the same card.

    I usually cull my images in Nikon View NXi as it reads the imbedded jpeg. Then I do processing in DXO PL5 and sometimes Nikon NX D.
  19. To me it has clicking something with half a mind, then it was installed and then turned out to be an upgrade that required payment. Then it was cumbersome to find the older version... it was there though. :eek:

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