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  1. There is nothing wrong nor slow about basic file copy operations in File Manager (Windows) or Finder (OS X). Unlike automatic transfer, you have complete control over the destination and organization of your files. It is always faster to upload from a memory card than from the camera. File Manager also sees the entire contents of the card. If the camera changes directories when one is full, you only see the current directory via the camera.
    There is a menu item in the D3x (and every other digital camera I've owned) that keeps file numbers sequential, remembering the last used number. That works even if you change cards back and forth. Many cameras allow you to change the root file name (e.g., from_DCS to something else).

    The numbers start over after 10,000 images, but that's no problem if you assign a new directory for each download, day, or project. The directory name and file name together constitute a unique name, one of the basic precepts for data organization and retrieval.
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