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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by leah_kushner, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Hi All. I have been using the creative suites which is costly especially since I have not been using the programs much. I do have CS6 from a few years ago, in fact I think I also have CS5 and CS4 but I found they limit the re-installs and updates because they want you to pay monthly for use. I am not using Photoshop or LR more than a few times a year. I do like have Adobe Acrobat Pro. What do people do? Also I have now switched over to a Mac and when I had the CS's I had a PC. Will this present a problem? Thanks for any suggestions?
  2. CS6 does everything I need, and I can keep the M/C running it safely offline. Away from viruses, hackers, unwanted popups, cluttering background processes 'phoning home', etc. etc.

    Updates? If it ain't bust, why fix it?

    Also the latest version of GIMP is more than adequate, now that it's properly capable of 16 bit/channel editing. Wish they'd fix the glaring bugs in the Hue/Saturation module though.
  3. Unless you are a pro then older versions of Photoshop should surfice. I had been using CS2 from a CD when Photoshop sent out a copy for all existing customers to use. I guess it depends on how many features you use that the earlier versions don't have. I believe that CS4 is now freely available.

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