So, who all has a display case for their cameras?

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  1. I have accepted that I am now a camera collector, and this was made clear by the fact that I started looking at things that would make good display cases. This would certainly beat the current situation of having random cameras laying about for kids to mess with. Has anyone here taken the plunge into shamelessly showing off their cameras?
  2. The IKEA classic, the billy bookcase, is available in many different veneers. There are a couple of varieties of glass doors, one wood framed and one straight glass. Glass shelves can also be got for the cases along with internal lighting, if desired. In general, the prices compare well with much crappier book cases. etc. from the discount stores and office supply places.
  3. I haven'T made the plunge yet. For a long while I kept some of them packed away in a flight suitcase
    in the cellar. Every now and then I'd swap out stuff. I still had a few "cases" in the closet .. say circa 6-9 cameras instantly accessible. Well I noticed the "big boys" MF stuff I mean weren't getting used so I brought them up and now the flight suit case is empty. I've got one cupboard with doors that can close
    and a sister shelf, (no doors) so most of them occupy these places when not on the bookshelf in living room, where the "actively in use" loaded are . It'S still a big mess with me . I'm afraid if I "display" them I won't use them.. Luckily my wife only threaten me periodically !!! She's consider the problem solved if I bought a display case... I'm not giving her that satisfaction!!
  4. It's called "my house."
  5. A few years ago I purchased a collection at an estate sale. The deceased was our kind of guy. He had over 250 cameras displayed in glass cases and on shelves, in every room of his house. I bought the entire collection of mostly Brownies and similar box cameras, without the glass cases. They now rest hidden away in Rubbermade bins. Go figure?
    The rest of my "classic" cameras are still every day users, except for a half dozen or so real relics and conversation pieces.
  6. I use my cameras often, so I don't count myself as a collector yet. I only have 7 of them, and I keep them, together with accessories and lenses, in a dry cabinet. I live in a country with humidity rates of up to 90% all year round, and it pays to put the equipment in a controlled environment, where the humidity is adjusted to about 45%.
    I see that many people I encounter in this section of the forum do not use a dry cabinet for storage of their cameras. I am assuming that it is due to their weather, and not so humid weather.
    Hidden from view are my voigtlander bessamatics and an Emi K35.
  7. [​IMG]
    The cabinet in the picture is shared between my wife and me. As one of my lenses (Enna Tele-Ennalyt 5,6/600 mm) is on her shelve, one of her owls moved to the cameras.
    BTW, all cameras in picture are in full working order and occasionaly used.
  8. I have a bookcase for stacking my gear, with glass doors to let the light get to everything, but it's not for
    display purposes - it's to avoid having my cameras relocated to the dustbin.
  9. Four tier barrister's bookcase works beautifully.
  10. Like Gene said.
  11. I have a glass case for my "special" cameras, while the others sit on a bookshelf. I also have a bookshelf in my office for the cameras I keep at work, about 35-40 or so.
  12. A Barrister's bookcase may be in my future.
  13. Gives me something to look at when I'm not using them...
  14. Dang it, Gene snagged my answer too! Yep. The things are literally falling out of closets, stuffed in drawers, under piles of prints and paper, in storage bins. A few are on a book shelf. If these were cats I'd be a horder!
  15. I too started with bookshelves. But given that I also use them to hold books, pretty soon things degenerated into a affair of either stopping reading, or risking trowing a camera on the ground every time I want to take a book out.
    The logical and satisfactory solution seemed to be a glass cabinet with glass shelves.
  16. Trying again to post an image.
  17. I soon discovered, however, that I've been sold a defective cabinet, and one that will shrink with time. At least, I think this is what happened, because it originally easily accommodated all of my camera. but now misteriously there is a shortage of space.
    And so, back to the books shelves...
  18. Trying at least to put two of the same kin together...
  19. i wonder if Granda has something to say to her granddaughter?
  20. I purchased a couple of these about 8 years ago at IKEA. They're 7ft tall, illuminated upper half, cherry wood toned, and with double glass doors too!
    It's made the collecting experience very enjoyable, plus it reminds me to exercise them regularly.
    You know what they say about "out of sight"...
  21. Any ideas for secure but visible storage?
  22. "Secure but visible storage"? Uhm...
    There is a collector living in my area that had the same problem regarding his 500+ (no joking) Leicas. His ultimate solution:
    - Convert the entire (large) cellar into a storage/display area.
    - The cameras are accommodated into wall cabinets, floor to ceiling with glass front.
    - The cabinets are fitted with UV light rather than normal visible light lamps, and are filled with an inert gas (I think nitrogen). This is to prevent any deterioration to the leather/vulcanite cover.
    The cabinets are completely concealed by fake bookshelves (the back spine of real books glued to a frame), that will slide under electric motors to unveil the cameras.
    - The button to activate the motors that move the fake bookshelves is protected by a lid with electronic key.
    - Ah, I was forgetting: in order to maintain the nitrogen atmosphere inside the cabinets, the glass doors are permanently sealed. That is, this guy will never again be able to handle his cameras or even simply touching them. But, he feels his Precious is now safe.
    Does this suits you? (I woud certainly hope it doesn't....)
  23. perhaps you have never been burgled. : )
  24. I will get one in the near future, but I worry that a display case is like hanging a sign saying "steal me".
  25. I *have* been burgled and more than once. Most burglaries are a quick in-and-out to minimize risk to the criminal, but I guess the problem with having visible valuables that are hard to steal quickly would be the likelihood of a return visit by the same miscreants but with more tools.
  26. I keep all my cameras and lenses locked in Peli Cases that are locked in a steel office cupboard, I don't want to make burglars think It's their birthday .
  27. I display my collection in various ways. My main collection is in a large curio cabinet that has an electric fireplace below. The front of the cabinet has a large glass door that slides left or right to gain access. The shelves are glass, and the top shelf consists mostly of Zeiss Ikon/Voigtlander, the second displays Kodak/Retinas, third is bottom load Canon Rangefinders, lenses, viewfinders, and a lot of other misc. Canon accessories. The bottom has all sorts of misc. cameras & accessories. There is a light at the top of the unit, and when turned on in the evening the collection sparkles. I also have several medium/large format wood cameras on display along with family black/white photographs mounted in wood cut sheet film holds
  28. Here is a photo of how I display some of my medium/large format cameras with black/white photos slid into the cut sheet film holders ,which make for an attractive table or desk display.
  29. Ezio, wouldn't that UV make plastic parts of the cameras brittle? I understand the benefit of UV-C for killing fungus and germs. Unfortunately this makes any plastic brittle. As we don't have this radiation on earth plastics are not designed against it.

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