So what you hopin to get for christmas this year?

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by golden, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Well its christmas eve, Santa will be here tonight, whats on the camera gear wish list? I need more film and lots of it. : )) Merry Christmas Everyone
  2. I fear most of my toys won't arrive until after X-mas,
    I'm getting an Epson R-D1 with Voigtlander 35mm f/1.7 Ultron lens; a Kodak Autographic Vest Pocket camera; An original Military Technical Manual for Camera PH-324 from February 1945. And finally a Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/2.
    That's about it really. We've just celebrated "Saint Nicolas Night" on the 5th of December. Not many people also bother with Christmas directly afterwards.
  3. When my two sons asked what i wanted for Xmas i said i'd like a gift card from the photo store i buy film and chemistry from, they called yesterday on the way for better directions so it looks like i'll be getting more supplies soon! One thing on my list is a (27mm ?) step ring to fit my Contaflex and Contessamat.
    All the best everyone and thanks for the info, entertainment and good cheer.
  4. I got my main toys a little early. Toyo view 45GII and 90mm SA. Now I need the access.
  5. I hope to get Iskra for Russian X-mas which is January 7th. For Western one I have got myself Seconic-LunaPro.
  6. Intuos 3 9x12 tablet and Painter x.
    My camera and lens aquisition syndrome is in remission.
  7. I bought an enlarger lens for my new Saunders so I can start printing in my darkroom rather than scanning the film. Well, I will still scan the prints but I hope to get a different look altogether. Camera Gods have been good to me this year. I wish the same to you.
    Happy holidays every one!
  8. Don't want much in the way of toys... but I sure would like a good night's sleep! If not that, then I'd settle for international peace and end to world hunger.
  9. Well the camera gods have smiled upon me.. and I too want a good rest..a little more certainty in my future.
    The forum has been a good friend and I'm grateful for everybody here!

    Peace and Good cheer!
  10. Santa is bringing me a prewar Ikoflex with uncoated Tessar any day now. It will be my first TLR. Lenses looked a little cloudy in the auction page photos, so I may be doing some cleaning over the holidays. Coincidentally, Santa is also getting my wife some hand cream.
  11. What Brian and Chuck said, except I don't have any problem sleeping. Happy Holidays everyone, and God bless all.
  12. At least another 38 Christmases with those I love. The safe and speedy return of our military heroes who are bravely serving far from home. Old friends. New friends. And, so as not to be completely existential, a new Rebel XSi or a 24/1.4L II would round out my list nicely!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all, and to all a good night!
    Michael J Hoffman
  13. Got mine Monday. MacBook Pro/2.16ghz/15"/100gb/256mb video. A bit rough looking with a few issues (like me) for a whopping $249.
    Also bought a Vivitar 100mm/3.5AF macro which performs rather nicely, at a bargain price. i will post some results n the Nikon forum when I get some decent subject material.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
  14. For me: Hopefully a 28mm lens for my 'new' Canon FTb.
    For everyone else: Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.
    Santa's progress (link)
  15. Got a Mamiya M645 Pro with 80 lens, bellows hood and 2 film backs. A 6x7 power drive and focusing screen for my RB. Also, will get a used, but newer lens for my Cambo SCII. (A 210 lens)
  16. I really don't need anything. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men will suffice. I would like to be able to travel anywhere in the world taking photos and not have to worry about being blown up or held for ransom. Happy holidays everyone.
  17. I'm just hoping to get the two 120 films to come out that I shot in Los Angeles last week. They went through the airport X-rays twice. I didn't get off anywhere near the shots I would have liked to as I volunteered to be the navigator/driver. I was there for a week, and only got lost four times. Good god is that a big city. I don't think I saw 10% of it. I had one amusing moment of madness. At the beach at Santa Monica, everyone there was wearing jackets, toques, and gloves (the temperature was in the low 50's). I was there in shorts and a t-shirt (having just arrived from Canada and the blast freeze in Toronto from the previous week). I travelled all that way to see the ocean, and that I did. I kicked off my sneakers, and ran into the water. It wasn't that bad.
  18. I was hoping to get my lower plate so I could eat some candy with nuts! Ha, Ha!!
  19. There will never be world peace until we get rid of the central banks, that profit from wars and control populations through hunger. If we can't get rid of the bankers, then I guess I would beg my banker master for some Duct tape for the Holga. But I don't think I can get any without using some interest bearing fiat currency, so he will profit from that too.
  20. Well, Rob, I also hope your film comes out too. I live in Hollywood, been in LA since 1989, and I doubt I've seen 10% of it either!
    I just wish I'd been there that day to see you plunge into the ocean!
    As for Christmas list -- I want everyone, everywhere, to live well, I want peace, and I want all the film and paper manufacturers to keep producing film and paper! And lots of it!
  21. Well I got up early to see if Santa came. And sure enough he made a stop. The cookies and milk were gone, but the mess all over the floor tells me this was just a pit stop for the deer. I thought if you were bad you got coal, not this....
  22. A lot of really great replies here. LOL...and Cliff, that cracked me up.

    It's still night here in California, and raining and freezing cold. And yes, Rob, believe it or not it could be literally freezing tonight. I live in San Bernardino, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. It gets a lot colder here than LA. Actually, it gets a lot colder in San Bernardino than most of California. The weather here is brutal - we get 80 mph gusts in the fall and winter and it gets down into the 30s. We actually got snow flurries here a couple of days ago. And last winter, there were pipes breaking because of ice. Now that is weird for California though!
    I'm up a lot later than I would be on Christmas Eve when I was a kid, that's for sure. Christmas is still several hours away for us.

    I could definitely use more film, and that's what I asked for. I also wanted some Polaroid film. I want to get some now and use it while I still can. My dad has a couple of Polaroid cameras and if he finds them, he said he'll let me have them. I have so many memories of Polaroid pictures, and it's going to be really sad when Polaroid 600 instant film is gone :(

    Have a very merry Christmas, everyone...stay safe and warm, and have fun!
  23. Well Chris, I figured out it was actually the puppy that made the stop in the living room, not Santa. But puppy crap all over would not have made as good a story. Either way, I guess I didn't " Better Watch Out" or I must have been " Bad for goodness sake" ... cuz I didn't get nuttin but puppy doo.
  24. Cliff, you take the cake for Humbuggery:)
  25. Hey, I like Cake too, glad to here I won one in the Humbuggery contest.
    I Can't afford to give you all a gift, so I hope my comments will at least bring a smile or laugh to you all during this festive time of year. Merry Christmas everyone.

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