So, what photographic gear are you rewarding yourself with this holiday season?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by james_kennedy|9, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I am making the presumption, that, like me, you trust no one else to decide what to get you, regarding photo gear.
    This season, I treated my self to a LN- N90s with a MF-28 data back. Somehow, the N90s had been flying under my radar, as I assumed it was one of those plasticky models Nikon was dabbling in the late 80s and early 90s. What a surprise, and what capabilities the data back adds, if I can ever learn to use it. The whole kit comprised the camera, the data back, the original non-data back, all of the original manuals, and receipts, and a Magic Lanterns book on the system, all for $99. I like the fact that it will be a challenge to learn the new system, and was surprised to learn that it had a faster AF system than the Nikon F4s. Shutter speeds from 30 sec to 1/8000. Illuminated viewfinder, unlike my Nikon F3HP (I know, I know, that little red button is useless.) Compact, but not a lightweight. What's not to like?
    I will assume that when using manual focus lenses, the N90s is at least welcome as a fringe visitor to this forum, as is the Canon F-1New. But I also bought the camera with an AF Nikon 50mm f/1.4. Much better contruction than the F/1.8 and a few test shots mounted on my D90 showed it to be tack sharp.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noel, Lang may your lum reek, to all.
  2. Photo of N90s
  3. Pentax-A 50/2.8 Macro, just bought on Pentax Forums.
    Or should I count the "new old stock" box of 4x5 Kodak "50" glass plates I got on eBay?
    Or the four frozen rolls of No. 10 Cirkut Vericolor III film that I intend to cut down to 122 size? Should produce 16 rolls of "VPS122" using VP122 backing paper.
  4. Same as the last years: None. No money. I'm even going to sell one of my remaining "I-really-want-to-keep-these-classics-shelf" cameras: the Mamiya C33 TLR.
  5. Congrats on the N90s. I've never used one, but it is said to be a very capable camera. Not quite as solidly built as the F100, but lighter in weight and with nearly the same features.
    After some discussion recently about curious whirly backgrounds in this forum, I went on eBay a week or so back looking for Helios 44 lenses (Soviet Biotar clones). The Helios is said to be hard to come by in good condition, so since they're inexpensive, I ordered two in the hopes that at least one would be usable. Total cost, including two Soviet cameras, was only about $80. Surprisingly, both lenses are usable; neither has fungus, haze, oil on the blades, excessively stiff focusing rings, or even much dust inside.
    The 44M-5 came with a Zenit ET camera, a manual, mechanical camera with a selenium-cell meter that still works. The older 44-2 lens came with a Kalimar SR100, which is a Zenit B (more primitive the the ET, and without a meter) rebadged for the US market by an American distributor who apparently thought there was a place in the market for such a primitive device in the 1970s. I have no idea how well they sold, but had I been camera-shopping in those days I'm sure I would have preferred a Nikkormat. (No doubt the Kalimar was lower-priced.)
    I have not put any film through the cameras, but I did a few test shots with the 44M-5 on my DSLR just to check for image quality and the whirly bokeh. It's a nice little lens, and the whirly quality is clearly present if I stop down a little; at maximum aperture and close range, the background is so far out of focus that it becomes a featureless blur.
    Now I keep finding myself researching triplet lenses such as the Meritar, Domiplan, Trioplan, and Triotar. There is something that's just interesting about old lenses with quirky (i.e. not very good) optical characteristics...
  6. Rewarded myself with a black Konica Autoreflex T3N + 85mm 1.8 + 50 1.7. Already had the 40 1.8, a 50 1.4 and a Vivitar 80-200.
  7. Got a Minolta XK, but it is not working so it goes back.
  8. Actually I've just thrown away an N90s (and keep only its prism as its tombstone) because it was in a bad condition compared to my F801s (which is very similar and simpler). For this Xmas, I got a Calypso II and a Minolta F100
  9. I'm about send my 2x3 Graflex RB Series B out for service in the hope that it will come back with more shutter speeds. My goal isn't to use it as Graflex intended but rather to have a working 2x3 SLR module for my 2x3 Cambo SC. When the RB comes back I have to make a little support for it to steady rear standard + SLR module.
    Last week I took my 900/10 Apo Saphir and some other bits to SKGrimes to have a mount adapter and crutch made for mounting the lens on a 2x3 Cambo SC. Some of the other bits will, I hope, turn into a set of extension tubes that will let me use the lens on my little SC. Using all this will require the 48" rail that arrived yesterday. All being well, I'll be able to use the 900 with and without the SLR module.
    And, early in the year I have to send several shutters out for proper CLAs.
  10. Bueh B.
    I have a lot of redundancy, especially in books. Tell me what aspects you are interested in, and I will see what I can do. I was a poor 2/Lt long ago with twin daughters, and I remember hocking my only prized possession, a S&W k-22 for $20, when it was worth a lot more, in order to buy Christmas presents. It is sad what our country and economy has become, in order to benefit billionaires.
    My email has changed and it is now
  11. "Congrats on the N90s. I've never used one, but it is said to be a very capable camera. Not quite as solidly built as the F100, but lighter in weight and with nearly the same features."
    Craig, it is only about 30 grams lighter than the F100, and may actually have more features, thanks to the M-26 data back which is like a mini-computer.
    The F-100, however, seems to have better balance, and with its rubbery skin, is more grippibleand fits my hands better. The F100 is one of my favorite cameras, and I will have to see how the N90s performs once the sun returns to the northern hemisphere. I am impressed that Galen Rowan and Thom Hogan seem to like it. But if it came to a choice, I would go with the F100.
  12. A BGN F3 from Keh to go with a Vivitar S1 28-90. That camera is sweet! A bit redundant since I have an F100 but what the heck. Then I was given a Tamron 70-300 VC that will go well with the F100.
  13. A Nikon P 7000. Nice easy local travel and party camera.
  14. I recently added an 8008S and an F90X. An MB-10 is on the way for the F90X. If the weather holds out I might try one of my last rolls of Kodachrome in the F90X so I can get it to Dwayne's by the 30th.
  15. I rewarded myself with a diffuser for SB600 and my daughter with Panasonic G2. I hope that she will let me use it for testing lenses since I have already got M39 an Nikon to micro 4/3 adapters.
  16. James K-
    The N90s replaced my F2 Photomic when it finally expired after a 1/4 of a century of flawless service. The N90s served me well until the dawn of the Digital Age smacked me upside the head. I still have it but don't use it as much as it deserves. I think you'll find it superb.
    Mrs. Me allowed me to get (just arrived this afternoon) an OM2n, in great shape (even its original but peeling little label on the top). It came with the 50mm 1.8 along with the right angle Varimagni 1.2X or 2.5X magnifier. With batteries the meter seems fine and the shutter speeds all sound OK and the aperture works as it should. Both auto and man are AOK. Off Ebay for $110. (They threw in a brand new Olympus case and strap and the flash shoe (uncracked)).
    When I clean off the fingerprints and blow the dust off, I'm going to have some fun with my few days off. Great neat find for me, and it arrived for X-Mas ... life is good.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and blessings to all ...
    Jim M
  17. Nothing as yet but there is still time!
  18. I am going to get my hyperfocal fixed focus 4x5 (occasionally called a Hobo for some strange reason) made out of a Kodak Autographic Junior put together. I don't need anything new... just some sheet copper and camera leather.
  19. A got myself a Minolta SRT-102 to replace my damaged (and still in pieces) 101. It works beautifully so far, looks better, and even has the mirror lockup, to boot. Came with the 50mm macro lens, too, so I got lucky (been wanting that one forever now).
    Now to take her out for a spin ;o)
  20. Juggling a bunch of Sears M42 primes at the moment along with several Sears and Ricoh TLS's. The 55/1.4 is awesome !
    Resealing a Pellix tonight and will put this 60s Canon to good use this week.
    Winter-time project will involve restoring a pair of pre-war Kuribayashi folders.
  21. Waiting to see if I get any Xmas cash. Want to get a plain prism for my Nikon F's.
    Recently got a 35mm 2.8 but need free time during daylight to try it out.
  22. I just got a Minolta Autocord in great condition at a local auction. I just ordered some film and am looking forward to seeing what the camera can do. The only problem is now I want all the cool stuff that was made to go with it, such as the Minolta Autopole and paradjuster. I know I don't need them, but since when has that stopped anyone. A few weeks ago I bought llight seals for a canon Demi that I have had for a while. It is a cool little camera, and works great. I think that if I buy anything else in the near future, that my wife will kick me out. Actually she tolerates my camera buying. I usually sell something I have, but don't use much in order to buy something else.
  23. My holiday purchases include the Canon 7 rangefinder I mentioned in an earlier post, and a near-mint Nikon F100. Like Jon, I have also sold a number of cameras in exchange for the ones I bought so that I don't squeeze us out of house and home. I have a feeling that they won't be the last holiday purchases though...
  24. I received a nice present yesterday. A Kodak Retina 1b in good condition.
  25. A Thornton-Pickard 'Bijou Reflex'. Like the Ruby Reflex but 4.5x6cm. Just missing plate holders now, I'm constructing a 35mm rollfilm adapter for semi-panoramic shots. I've already rebuilt the shutter mechanism and fitted a lens.
  26. I'm limiting my gift to myself to a 55 to 62 mm step up adapter so I can use big filters on my latest affliction, a lovely and venerable Minolta 7s in black trim. I'm shooting Plus X with yellow and orange filters in bright sunshine/blue sky over our near-record 31 inches of snow in this month of December. From what I read on this forum, the 45 mm 1.8 Rokkor on this beauty is very sharp.
  27. Two things. An EF 85 1.8. Don't know how I lived without it. And a gridded focusing screen for my 5D. I was tired of my own failute to keep horizons straight. Works fine.
  28. Here's that Lovely Minolta, ready for the sun to show, hopefully later this morning!
  29. Jon S - Congratulations on the Autocord. I bought one a few months ago. It's a beautiful camera.
    If you haven't already, you might want to send it to Karl Bryan for a CLA and focus lever rebuild. If yours has the original focus lever it WILL break. Karl build a replacement part out of steel - you'll never be able to tell the Autocord doesn't have the original lever (provided you have the original knob of course). Ping me offline and I can let you have Karl's e-mail address. Very nice guy to boot and very quick service.
    It's nice in this day and age of quick-replacement electronics to find people who still believe in the old fashioned notion of quality service.
  30. My Christmas gift to myself was my Nikomat FT-n/2.8cm f3.5/50mm f2 combo. Depending on how much cash I get, I might splurge on some higher quality film to use when the weather warms up and the sun sticks around later than 4:30 p.m.
  31. Another try to attach the 7s, sorry:
  32. I treat myself to a Domke f5XC large olive drab shoulder bag.
  33. Forgot to mention the Manfrotto 130-38 quick release plate. It arrived today.
  34. Give myself enough time to study the manual for my Sigma DP1s so it doesn't take me too long to operate it.
  35. I am contemplating adding the last of my "beauties" collection - a local person has an all-black Olympus OM-1.
    It's essentially what (how I hate the term!) is called "minty" on eBay.
  36. "Minty" is kind of annoying. I interpret it to mean "I want you to think it's in mint condition, and it actually is in really good shape, but I'm not going to commit myself by actually saying 'mint'." That said, I've had no complaints whatsoever about the "minty" items I've bought on eBay.
    Les, nice-looking F2A! I don't have one of those yet, just an F2 Photomic and an F2S.
    I've added to my holiday haul by buying a miniature Slik tripod to improve my up-close photography, mostly when I take pictures of cameras and lenses to post here. I'm tempted to pick up a non-AI Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5, too.
  37. Yep, over here a Minty is a small and very chewy mint flavoured sweet, great for removing your fillings. I just got a Leica 111A with an uncoated Summar....with no scratches! Anxious to try it out.
  38. Someone gave me a few cameras out of the blue. One of them was this old Ricoh 300. It's a fixed-lens RF with a 45/2.8. I don't really think I'll use it. And I don't think I'll use the mju-II either, although it is such a svelte camera. I think only the Elph APS cameras were smaller. Those limited cameras just don't do it for me.
    I did order a VGC Topcon Uni, though, with a 50/2.0. It's likely to arrive in early January Now, that is the kind of thing I can use - in fact I hope to use as many classic cameras as I can for paid jobs in the future. Recently I had to shoot digital - and what a godsend it is, especially in low light - but if I can I'll not only shoot film but shoot film with equipment as old as practically possible. Why be boring? A camera is not 'just a tool'. :)
  39. Last minute gift: Got a Tamron 24-70 to fit my Maxxum gear.
  40. Last minute gift: Got a Tamron 24-70 to fit my Maxxum gear.
  41. I lost a good friend the day before Christmas. My Minolta Scan Dual 4 died a horrible death. The grindings sounds were heart breaking. Not one to mourn I quickly ordered a Plustek 7600 SE from Adorama. I'm reading a lot of good things about this scanner and the price is right.
  42. Michael, as the proud owner of a Dual 4 I feel for you. Post something about how the Plustek works out.
  43. I will Andrew.
  44. Canon F-1N AE
  45. I'm with Bueh....what cash I got, goes to others this year! In fact in reply to th OP regarding trusting others, Frankly I wish my significant others would give just enough interest to find out what makes my heart beat. My kids think any "old" camera (anything that isn'T exactly digital) is enough and my wife doesn't bother even trying. It's all just cameras for her!
  46. I received a nice present from a well known eBay vendor of used non-working gear just before Xmas. By present I
    mean that usually they test cameras pretty well and if they say it's broken, it is, but not this time. This was a lot of four
    AF Nikons, an N8008 "powers up but shutter won't fire", N70 "powers up and fires but shows error message, can't set
    modes", N6006 "works but door won't close" and N60 "won't focus, AF just hunts". I had a hunch I could get one or
    two of them working. Final price was $10.50 for the lot with about $12 shipping. When they arrived, the N8008 worked
    perfectly -- I never figured out what the vendor's problem with it was. The N70 needed its settings reset but then
    worked fine -- I think the funky interface confused the vendor. The N6006 had a broken door latch which is so
    common to this and related models that a repair kit is sold for $7; it is now better than new (because the new latch is
    metal) and I'm shooting my kids with it today. The N60 AF is indeed screwed up but who cares, it was junky to start
    with. So three well made upper-mid range Nikons for a $30 total outlay.
  47. I celebrated Christmas by winning an eBay auction for an early '60s Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 with the chrome barrel, compensating aperture, and distance scale only in feet. Though maybe I should consider it a birthday present since it probably won't arrive until January...
  48. Minolta 300 mm Rokkor MC f/4.5 with caps, built in shade, and case
    Minolta 28 mm Rokkor MC f/2.5 with caps and shade and case
    Nikkor AI-S 80-200 f/4 with rear end cap, built in shade, and case.
    2nd Minolta SR-T101 body.
    Best regards,
  49. August, well played! It seems one should follow one's hunches as often as possible. :)
  50. I found a Pentax Superprogram that needs a CLR meter is way off and the mirror was stuck up for some time so that foam need replaced and we will see what else. Gene
  51. Ummm . . . a couple of rolls of Tri-X in 120 and 35mm and a bottle of Ilford Rapid-Fix?
  52. I have just got 2 Retinette 1Bs one type 37 and one type 42 the 37 is working perfectly but the type 42 although in excellent condition has a reluctant shutter, not working at all when it arrived, but 30 minutes on radiator coaxed it back no life, it will now fire on all speeds up to 36 times before it makes the right noise but shutter leaves refuse to open, I have got a Retinette overhaul PDF which I am going to study and have a go at cleaning it.
  53. The holiday season has brought me a fine Yashica Minister 700, two different models of the Retinette and I'm also waiting for a Konica Big Mini Jr to turn up. And on top of that I keep rediscovering old cameras that I for some reason put aside in various bags. All in all, a fine holiday season.
  54. Santa brought me a Leica screw mount compartment case with five Leica film cans.
  55. I'll be picking up the various stuff necessary to develop B&W 120/220, so that I can actually afford to feed the Mamiya C33 I got for Christmas. (I'll be scanning the negs.)
  56. I added to my Zeiss Ikonta collection (2 Ikonta C 521/2s, both with Novar lenses, one an f/4.5 and the other an f/3.5) with a Super Ikonta A with the 75 mm Zeiss Jena Tessar f/3.5. My first roll of negs came out excellent, with sharp contrasty results!
  57. After much deliberation I bought a rare (but not perfect) 9x12 Van Neck Technical camera on the basis that I don't know when I will see another for sale. Even if I do it may be in no better condition.
    "Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention........"
    Happy New Year to you all.

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