so many albums... but none are available without business ID?

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  1. Hi. I recently got married, and since I'm a photographer myself, I hired my
    wedding photographer to just shoot, and I'd do all post production work. Well
    the problem I'm running into now is that I can't order an album without a
    business ID, and since I'm a freelancing PJ, I don't have one. The only two
    companies that I found that will do books for 'consumers' are mpix, and picaboo.
    What are my options? Does anyone know of a company who will print a flushmounted
    album (with or without template)?
  2. Actually I am really interested in this as well, I know this is a wedding photo forum, but I wanted to print a 'year in review' of my travels but make it look like a wedding flush mount that allows photos to be printed across pages, allow you to design the pages or supplies a nice photoshop template, and nice quality print colors and binding so there is no seem across the pages.
  3. We design custom albums for pro photographers as well as 'orphaned' brides and families provided you have high-res images and all releases to use them in an album.

    Just pick the images you want (or we'll do it) and send them to us (FTP or mail a DVD). We design the layouts and post online for your approval and any changes. Then, when you approve, we'll have them printed and bound using any of the high-end albums companies we work with: Graphistudio, Leather Craftsmen, Zookbinders, Vision Art Books, Asuka Book, etc.

    Info and sample designs at
  4. bdp


    What Business ID are you referring to? Tax info? It's your SS# if you're a sole-proprietor/DBA.

    If you have your website with your images on there you should be ok to go.
  5. I kinda agree with Bob... start a sole proprietorship if you havent already... then you're a pro. you can even apply for a federal tax ID number so you seem more official and dont have to give out your ssn.

    a website isnt a bad idea too... it may even allow for some more freedom or an occasional shoot...
  6. I think Sarah (or at least I) want to design our own albums for the most part and do not want someone to sell us a service. We want a place to print a nice looking good quality flushmounted album.

    Most of the good printer/binders require you to have a business and be registered with WPPI or another photog society.

    I at least just do things part time and just want a nice place
    that will bind and print my flushmounted album with a nice metal cover
    from something I designed, and not require me to be a full time photog
  7. First, even if you do not plan to do much work on your own, its good to have a business license. Check with your town or city hall, and find out what is required. Many times you do not have to have a store, etc.. If you tell them you work out of your home, and go to the customers home to show proofs, etc. They just do not want a lot of traffic to your street, that neighbors will complain about. Many licenses for home business are quite inexpensive. In some towns, $25-50 a year.

    Then, some companies who sell photo supplies just want something to show you are doing business, like a business card. They do not want to give every tom, dick, or mary a "professional discount." If you have a nearby city with a large supply house, you can probably get an album there, even without a pro discount. As a PJ you probably have a business card or ID, and if you show it, you may even get the discount.

    There is also a LOT of good info here:
  8. None of the album companies I do business with has ever asked for an official "business ID" in order to do business with them. As long as you have a photography business related website, an associated email, that's all it should take.
  9. keith has a good point too...

    membership in a trade organization would preclude us from anyone that required that, but my wife and I are both full time pro photographers... I dont think anyone asked for anything other than a website with few exceptions... A few required tax ID number, though, but not album companies.

    If you are looking for an album company that seemingly could care less about business stuff, check with ideal albums out of brooklyn, NY. They do most of our coffee table books and they are pretty good, without much fanfare. They take a while, though.
  10. Many companies want to verify that you are indeed a photography business and not just a private consumer that's trying to cut out the middleman. They want to verify your website to confirm. As far as business ID, you can get an ID for businesses from the federal gov't. From the state, you have to register according to their requirements. If you are a sole propietor, you can use you SSN as the ID or you can apply for an EID. I've been using my state vendors license # and have not had any issues.
  11. Why not try to work something out with your wedding photographer?
  12. John- I have seen, but the only downfall to that is that you have to use the design service, and I was hoping to create my own.

    Todd- I can't really ask my photographer to help, since she doesn't provide flushmounted albums at this time.

    All- This is the general response I get from most companies, unless they outrightly ask for my Business ID number:

    Who can register with AsukaBook?
    AsukaBooks are available to professional photographers and designers creating books for resale or promotions. We do not sell directly to consumers. When you submit your application for an account, we verify your business status.

    Does this mean that a website like mine ( would qualify?
  13. i think you would qualify... can't hurt to try!
  14. Did you try Michel company in Illinois? Very good service last time I used them.

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