Snoot for macro lighting?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by carlos_prado|2, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. You can make a snoot for a hot-shoe flash with almost anything. I use Rosco Cinefoil, available through theatrical and lighting and cine supply shops, but even black construction paper could be used.
  2. I think it's only fair to mention that many of the shots in the portfolio to which you linked show signs of careful dodging/burning in post production, to help acheive the vignetting that brings the central subjects more into the puddle of light that's being used (well, more to let some of the other foliage disappear a bit, actually). That's not a bad thing - it's just a part of what's happening, there, to achieve that look.
  3. Do not know if it is what you want but it is a snoot, search (google) for: strobist straw snoot diy
  4. I dont think any of those will get you proper files to make the look you are after. Matt is correct, for both those you need more PS skills vs a "snoot"

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