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  1. Every now and then as a real addict I go religiously to the local
    Salvation Army store looking for old camera bargains. Every now and
    then I go out with an orphan in my hands, this time it was the pride
    of the Soviets: first model of Smena, a solid bakelite little baby in
    perfect shape, serial #194227 first introduced in 1953. Later models
    have number designations like Smena-1, Smena-2, etc.

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    Made by the factory GOMZ in St. Petersburg later called LOMO, it has
    the coking and shutter lever on the lens. Shutter speeds: B, 10, 25,
    50, 100, 200. Fixed Lens T-22, 4.5/ F40mm.
    The little button on top is the frame counter release. Camera came
    with an empty film casette (Orwo NP20) inside.
  2. Interesting camera! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Show us some pics made with this camera!
  4. I'm envious. Great find! All I ever find at Goodwill are junky 70s and 80s P&S for silly high prices.
  5. A neat relic. I have something very similar - a Cosmic 35.
  6. Daniel, I said Goodwill or Salvation Army for our US friends so they understand. In fact I bought cheap many cameras from Value Village. It is close but not same as Goodwill. But again due to the large population chances are that a Value Village in Toronto will not hold such a camera more than 15-20 min.
  7. David, that is pretty. It seams to be made of plastic which should place the DOB in the late '60 early '70. I'm not familiar with Cosmic. Is that of FSU origin as well.
  8. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    I think Cosmic is a name used by Gomz/Lomo. There was (here in the UK) a Cosmic Symbol which was the Smena Symbol in other countries. We were given them to use in our sixth form photography class.
  9. Nice looking camera, but doesn't it use Rapid cassettes which are unobtainable now? I can't see any means of rewinding the film.Cyril Lowe

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