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  1. Fine.... If you have a surplus $275 over what you could pay for almost any perfectly useable 'pre-loved' lightmeter. Or about $200 more than the new price of a very similar Doomo hotshoe-mounted meter.
  2. I wonder if the cells are interchangeable with Weston's?
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    Agreed. Used a Gossen Pilot 2 with my Fed 5b. The two go together just fine. Ran my first roll of Fujicolor 400 Superia through it and it's at the lab being processed and scanned. I love the images you get from your Fed.
  4. One meter I use if I want to travel light is the small Gossen Sixon 2. With the usual Gossen accuracy, it runs on a 625 button cell and is probably lighter than the small selenium Pilot, and a better shape to slip into a pocket. Incident and reflected readings. They seem to be hard to come by, but worth getting if you come across one.

    Gossens Sixon.jpg
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  5. I have plenty of meters that seem to work... but I am dogged by the fact that not two them really match. I have three or 4 Westons.. and I believe two of them use the old scale but work well. All the Westons underexpose in bright light situation. The Gossen LunaSix (CDS) have doesn't match the Westons but is steady in all light situation. The Zeiss Ikon Ikophot (CDS) is off by a few stops and then some times it'S believeable.. very inconsistent. I have also new in box Sixtomat that seems accurate in lower light but underexposes in bright light. That I rarely can get anything to agree camera meters to handheld meters to cds vs senium
  6. I've also been using a GE PR-1 for several years, with a plain-prism-head Nikon F2 and Olympus Pen F. It's accurate enough for TX and FP4, and a lovely conversation piece. I have a Luna Pro stored somewhere, but haven't used it in decades.

    Back around 1980, I used a Gossen Pilot (first model) for an entire summer photo job: it's a great little meter.
  7. Consistency is key. I have never seen two meters that agree exactly. But unless you need to do callibrated and exact photometrics, when you learn how your meter behaves, and it behaves in a consistent way, it doesn't really matter that it doesn't agree with another meter.
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  8. Sekonic L-38 Auto Leader is a compact match needle design that still works well. Booster cell gives three levels of sensitivity.
  9. Although I have yet to test it I have downloaded an iPhone app that seems to fill the bill. and it saves carrying two devices.

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