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Are you having trouble with keeping your images small on your website while maintaining quality?

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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to find a good export settings (in LR) for my picture gallery on my website to where the image file sizes are <400kb but still have great picture quality. Can you all share with me how you do it for your website?
  2. Back in 2003 my ISP gave homesite space of 20MB. So to share some image galleries online images were resized to 580pix long side and saved in 65 quality. Many images were saved even lower quality to reach 50kB mark. My current download speed is 280kB/s and on this 2012 laptop images are at their best on 720pix long side. Sometimes I get 90ยดs experience when someone has posted high quality image near original resolution.

    One needs to determine the target audience. If audience visits site with smartphone images can be small like on popular 500pix or instagram site. If target audience has 5K imacs resolution must be larger so images do not appear as post stamps.

    Traditionally image quality 80 is considered for image quality fanatics. Regular users accept image quality 65 as good. When image quality falls under 35 most consider it to be poor. Jpegs can visually take multiple save iterations, but when aiming for smallest image size it is best to start with high quality original, make edits and save only once for each jpeg.

    Nowadays when I find need to share images on www I create shared folder on google images where I upload 1800pix long side resized images so they are printable as 4x6 and appear rather nicely on most screens.

    There are many tricks when trying minimize image size starting from image resizing algorithm. It is important not to overdo clarity or sharpening adjustments on images. If a site proves to be popular one ISP may have traffic restrictions or additional charges.
  3. I don't have Lightroom. - I heard great things about the Software JPEGMini. The free version permits 10 images per day and is the tool I'd use.
    I absolutely agree with
    I haven't tried to design a website but would try to go for a compromise that shines on a only full HD screen and remains usable on a smaller laptop.

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