small high quality camera/lens setup for street photography

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  1. true, smaller cameras and "pancake" lens are more inconspicuous for candid street shots

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    "Small and inconspicuous" is not a requirement for a camera used for street photography. Human behavior is far more important. For years, I did street photography with a Mamiya 7, sometimes with the large-ish 43mm lens and its finder on top of the camera. What I do find important at this point in my life is carrying something light and easy to use. FWIW, I usually use a Fuji X100T, which meets those two criteria but it's really more of a personal thing as to what is easy to use.
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  3. Jeff, just looked at some of you concert photos. How's your hearing?
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    Damaged years before I started shooting concerts. I wore high quality earplugs for all the shows I photographed. Due to moving, I'm not shooting concerts anymore.
  5. Look into the Sony RX-100 V. It has a great sensor, face detect, eye-detect, 24-fps, is small, light and quick.The built-in 24-70mm equivalent is sharp.
  6. The Ricoh GR is the perfect choice for you as it has the 28mm wide lens you want and is more pocketable than anything else mentioned imo. Plus it was made for the street and to be used one handed for candid shots. Great color and some cool photo style modes. Really easy to use. If you are OK with no viewfinder buy it.
  7. Fuji
    There is a WCL for the X100 series which some think is a better lens than the original on the X100 series, but it does add bulk.

    If you don't need the viewfinder, the X70 has much to recommend it including being even smaller.

    The interchangeable lens cameras are worth looking at for wider lenses. The 18/f2 is tiny (a gem of a pancake lens) and could be paired with an XE series camera for "small with a viewfinder" or with the Xpro series if you want a rangefinder type viewfinder option (XPro1 can be had for a song, the Xpro2 is an impressive street machine).

    If you want wider than 18, the 16/f1.4 is an outstanding lens and rivals the Leica equivelent at a tiny fraction of the cost, but it isn't nearly as tiny and light as the 18/f2.
  8. So is the 14mm.
  9. I second that suggestion. They're cheap. Avoid the awful 16mm lens and get the 20mm, which is more than good enough. I've been carrying that setup for years now.

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