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  1. Hello
    I need suggestions for a small "Exposure Meter" I can use with my Hasselblad 500CXi camera.
    I would love for it to be as compact as possible.
    Also, it would be great if it can somehow be attached to the camera so that it is always ready to go when i am shooting.
    I don't care if it is a third party solution. (Especially if this means it is less expensive than a Hassy meter.)
    Would everyone please share their opinions.
  2. Will you be working in low light? If not then the Sekonic L-208 TwinMate is a great little meter, offering both incident and reflective metering and a very quick match-needle operation with instant readout of all matching shutter-speed/aperture combinations, and coming with a screw-on adapter to let it mount in a standard accessory shoe.
  3. I'm a big fan of the larger Gossen meters, but the smaller Gossen Digisix is much beloved.
  4. I want a meter I can attach to the camera. Maybe a meter that has a shoe mount.
  5. Both the TwinMate and the Digisix come with detachable accessory shoe mounts.

    Having said that, a Profisix and some duck tape would work.
  6. Always with the camera? How about a metering prism finder. A PM51 can be found at a reasonable price, and works with any 500 camera. A PM45 would be much more versatile (and expensive). Otherwise, a Sekonic hand-held meter is my recommendation, one with flash, spot and incident light capability. Incident readings are particularly useful for flash, portraits and closeups. Spot meters are best for landscapes and architecture.
  7. I find the minimal really functional meter is the L-208 Jean mentions. It has an analog display, and the battery has a reasonable lasting life. I`d recommend it as the lightest& smallest option.
    It has half stop reading increments instead of one-third; nothing wrong with it, specially for those who work with RZ cameras.
    The plastic shoe mount is a bit clumsy, made in weak looking plastic. To leave the meter attached to the camera is unpractical to my taste.
    By far I prefer to keep this meter in my pocket; I use to take several incident readings in different places before the shot. I think I never used it for reflected readings.
    It is the meter I use for trips. For all the rest, a L-608.
  8. BTW, do you already have a hand held meter?
  9. Gossen Digisix is my choice.

    A meter prism finder is not a bad choice either. Should you go looking for one, make sure that it's not a PM51 or PM45, but a PME51 or PME45 you put your money towards getting.
  10. Perhaps this would fill the bill. I have one on a Voigtlander Prominent of the 1950s and it works quite well for reflected readings. It's certainly small and has a shoe. A useful alternative to my full on Sekonic when travelling light.
  11. If you have a 500 series Hassy Edward's solution works pretty well for general shooting. A metered prism works pretty nice, also, if it matters, the prism reverses the image for you as well :)

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