Small Bag for 30D with Grip + Flash?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by victor_hooi, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. heya,

    I currently have a Crumpler Dreadful Embarassment (for the record, an excellent
    bag - I treat my stuff like...well...badly, so I get things like Crumpler Bags,
    Pelican Lexan boxes, Surefire torches, Thermodyne shipping transports etc. -
    things that can take a beating).

    However, my 30D with a vertical grip and a Tamron 17-50 2.8 doesn't quite fit in
    the Crumpler messenger bag, and bulks out awkwards.

    Are there any recommendations for a small bag that I can carry along with my
    messenger satchel, that can take the above setup, along with a 550ex flash, and
    perhaps a additional lens?

    I am very happy with Crumpler, but I can't seem to find anything smallish in
    their range for this (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). Any other hardy
    bags that can take a beating, and would carry just this?


    PS: Sorry if this is the wrong place, I couldn't find a "camera bags" or
    accessories forum.
  2. "couldn't find a "camera bags" or accessories forum."
    There is indeed one, and you can find it here. Naturally its the last forum on the list, so its not surprising you couldn't find it. Sorry I can't help you with your actual question, though.
  3. Look at the Kata bags they look like they can take a beating they have a type of skeleton on the outside also acts as thermal layer to keep equipment from getting hot in sun. I would look into these silicon or neoprene skins they have that fit tight on your camera with cutouts for camera controls, these are like a armour protects your gear prevents dings and scratches.

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