SLR Viewing: What a mess!!

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by marc_bergman|1, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Thanks, it's just like getting a new copy of Modern or Popular in the mail. :D
  2. Brings back a lot of memories. My first good camera was a Yashica J7 purchases in late 1966 when I became serious about photography.
  3. Wouter & Ben - Even with image stabilization using good technique is important. One could probably get at least 2 extra stops improvement.

    Gus - Glad you are enjoying these.

    Brian - I was just messing around with my Nikkormat the other day. I really like its focusing screen.

    Rick - I remember that i could take shots with my Rolleicord Vb at pretty slow speeds. I would have the neck strap taut, breathe out slowly then take the shot.

    Mike - I beleive the reason that Konica didn't bring out this camera was that the head designer died. He was probably the driving force behind this camera.

    Julio - I think I remembered this test when I bought my Pen FT in 1971.

    JDM - I just with there was something similar today. Everything seems so equipment oriented.

    James - In 1967 I was using a Argus C-3 and was happy as a clam. I couldn't imagine ever needing another camera. Was I wrong.
  4. Makes me wish I would have never thrown out all my old Modern Photography magazines. Even the ads have historical significance now.

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