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  1. So I was pretty deep in my menu trying to create custom settings and think that I may have changed something to where my d700 captures really slow. It may have been doing this before but I didn't notice it until I went on an engagement shoot and it just seemed slow. Is it because its a raw file? It feels like the shutter is open for a long time, but its at crazy fast shutter speeds. Changing the shutter speed doesn't change anything. Anybody know of what I might have changed?
  2. Did you turn on mirror delay?
  3. Check menu setting d9 (exposure delay mode). That's for minimizing mirror-slap vibrations while saving you from going all the way into mirror-lock-up mode.
  4. that was it!!! yay! so much better!
  5. That must have been incredibly frustrating on a shoot with real people in front of the camera.
  6. ShunCheung

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    I use that feature quite often since I would rather not carry a cable release, and sometimes forget to switch it off. But I can recognize that problem immediately.
  7. I do the same Shun. I try to remember to switch it off, set release mode to Continuous Low and change my mode dial back to 'A' after I remove the quickplate from the camera.
  8. I did that once too. I think you can hit a few buttons simultaneously to do the same thing (if memory serves me right), and that was how I got there. Very frustrating.

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