Slip-on (hot/cold shoe) Chinese Light Meters

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  1. Our favorite auction site is awash with offers (mostly out of Hong Kong or Shanghai) for compact, digital light meters that can be attached to to shoe of old cameras (of course, there is no connection to éither speeds or aperture, so these are read-only devices). There seems to be some 3-4 basic models that are put for sale under a variety of different names and designations, at extremely attractive prices (my side of the pond typically €30 euro with free shipping). Does anyone here have any knowldege or experience with these? I would love to have one for my Prominent and Contax, but I would rather not subside Chinese (or any other race/nationalilty for that matters) crooks. Thanks in advance
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  2. Take a look at, Hamish Gill has done a very comprehensive series of reviews on these meters.
  3. Why not support some of the producers that show some love for photography rather than a quick profit. There is a Canadian and a Taiwanese company that both seems to be quite dedicated. A bit more than 30 though.
  4. Thank you Steve and NHSN for the useful advice
  5. Especially do not subsidize a rogue country with the goal of world dominance.
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  6. Most of those cheap meters are basically a copy of the Voigtlander VC meter. However, be prepared to spend a ridiculous amount on the genuine Voigtlander product.... and don't expect it to be made in Germany, or even entirely in Japan.

    Chances are the chips and circuit board will be made and assembled in China, Taiwan or Malaysia.

    Or you could forgo the convenience of hotshoe mounting and get a used handheld meter. The market is pretty much flooded with them. Avoid selenium types though. Their age and fragility make them a poor bet.
  7. A phone lightmeter app is also a reasonable option.
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  8. Not that my peculiar tastes are of any significance, but just to clarify the reason for my question:

    I have a series of hand-held meters (including a Lunasix as my favourite) as well as a lightmeter app for my phone. So, it is not that I am desperately searching for a way to get correct exposures out of my meterless cameras. I just though a slip-on meter could be fun.

    Incidentally, and just out of curiosity: is it persmissible to use this forum for political propaganda pursoses?
  9. Perhaps something a little more fitting with the era and style of the Prominent would be an option. I seem to have accumulated a selection of accessory meters, and these two Kodak meters are both beautiful and still working. Both are accurate, certainly good enough for negative material.The smaller one mounted on the Retina is an absolute gem, made by Gossens as I recall, but they are no longer cheap. They're worth buying for the pretty leather cases!

    Kodalux Meters copy.jpg
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    There were also some nice Japanese shoe-mount meters by Petri, Vivitar, Kopil, and others, both selenium and CdS. They would look good on any classic camera.

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