Slik U212 Tripod

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by david_eicher, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I have a chance to pick up the old Slik U212, which appears to actually be in great shape. My old Slik, can't even tell you which model it is, has seen better days. I like that the U212 can go really low profile for some ground shots. But, I do have a problem. My old Slik, when you secure the Leg Clamps, you can press down on the pan head and the legs stay locked in position, rock steady. No leg shortening. With this U212, I can lock down the leg clamps and with minimal pressure, the legs will shorten up and collapse. Is there something I am missing from my old Slik to this one? Why will the legs not stay secure when locked?
  2. I can't tell from pictures, but usually there will be a way to tighten the clamps as they age. On the 400DX and its relatives. you can just tighten a nut. The pictures of the U-212 don't show this very well, but look for a nut or screw inside that can be tightened. I'd be surprised if there isn't something.
  3. I would be surprised that ALL of them (6) would be like this? But I will give it a look. Thanks
  4. Well to my embarrassment all the leg clamps on this tripod are broken. Now I can see the low price. Are these even available anymore? Worth fixing?
  5. I remember selling those tripods in the late 70's/early 80's. Feature-wise they were pretty nice, but we quickly discovered the very problem you had. I would not consider trying to fix it- I don't think that it is even possible. They were very light weight for a reason-lot of shortcuts in the build quality. Slik made some very good tripods, this, and the others in the U series were not among them.
  6. David, My very first tripod was a Slik Grand Master Sport that has been discontnued a while. There are many rubber parts on mine that have shown good wear but the company does not make replacement parts available for its discontinue products. I cooresponded with them years ago about it and the rep was matter-of-fact. For that reason I have moved to completely to Gitzo and have not looked back. My understanding is that Bogen makes replacement parts for its pods. You can always email SLIK and see if their policy has changed. Good hunting. Andy

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