Slide mounts for Vintage Formats

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by classcamera, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    One of the People on the Leica forum suggested I post this here.

    I am currently Laser cutting slide mounts for some of the now not
    common formats, such as: 24x24, 24x18, 3x4, 4x4, all in 2 inch mounts
    and 4x6.5, in 2.75 mounts. They are made from two ply acid free 100%
    rag mat; heat glued with Seal color mount tissue. Fold the mount in
    two along a pre made perforation, insert the tissue and slide, iron
    for a nice permanent mount.

    These are in the prototype stage, so I am willing to sell them for a
    very good price for product feedback. I was thinking of charging 25
    dollar for a hundred (of the finished product)but since this is beta
    testing, maybe 15 dollars per 100 for now. Oh the 2.75 styles would
    be more, but probably the Beta model would be 20 dollars per 100.

    I am also cutting leather coverings for classic cameras, even for one
    off applications, at very fair prices. Basically if the project
    interests me, I will do it pretty cheep. Currently in the camera
    leather products, there is Leica III, IIIa, Ikoflex Ia, Ib, Ic, and
    II third model, and Contax II, III, IIa, IIIa cameras.

    At this point in my product development, I would appreciate all the
    advice I can get.

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    Well you do know that Gepe currently sells mounts for

    24mm X 24mm w/antiNewton glass 20ct for $7.50

    18mm X 24mm 100ct glassless for $8.95 w/antiNewton glass 20ct for $7.50

    Granted the Glass mounts are special order but I had no problem getting the 1/2 frame 18 X 24 ones through B&H.

    Been flying lately?

    Not to discurage you only to make sure you know what the establised guys are doing.
  3. I have a ton a fresh cardboard mounts for super slides 4x4 if anyone is looking.
  4. Hello Guys,

    I did not know that any odd size slide mounts were available, but it is nice to find out. When I checked with my local GEPE Dealer they informed me that there was no such thing as 3/4 frame mounts and that half frame mounts had been out of production for years. Really though I was much less interested in the 2 inch mounts as I was the 2.75 inch mounts for 4x6.5, to use with my Exacta B, and I had a secondary interest in the 3x4 for use with my Foth Derby. Once I had the 2 inch CNC made up, it was easy to modify the program to make the other sizes. I even make the common 6x6, 6x4.5 mounts just to save money, since a box of GEPE cost 18-20 dollars for 20 glassless mounts, and I typically shoot 20-40 rolls per vacation, the price difference (7 dollars per 100 my cost) adds up fast.

    As you guys can see by my price if I considered my time I would be charging 40 dollars per 100, not 15. Not trying to get rich, just help others enjoy there cameras; which is pretty much like my repair business.

    I have also been using the laser for some of modeling related chores, I have made some really pretty 2 inch bell cranks and some nice tanks ends.

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