Slide film vs digital projection

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  1. Slide shooting really hones your SOOC. Getting it right in camera makes shooting other formats and film types better.
  2. I think there were slide copying adapters (lenses) that allowed for zoom and pan, such that you could crop.
    Also, changing the light with filters, one could do color balance.

    I never thought about this before, but they could put color balance filters in slide projectors.
    I never saw one that did that.
  3. Indeed. To those who say that processing is essential to photography, maybe have a word with photographers who shot slide film. The Image Bank would not accept anything else, AFAIK. Never mind those who, today, shoot JPEGs exclusively because they don't have time to apply arbitrary adjustments to RAW files.
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  4. And then many, if not all of Ansel Adams' most famous pictures would have been rejected by Image Bank, or ended up in the round filing tray.

    There's nothing special about Barnack's randomly chosen 2:3 aspect ratio, quite the opposite, and many of those overlong images would definitely benefit from a crop. The world doesn't come in 2x3 chunks. Anyone that thinks otherwise should study a copy of "Pictures On A Page", written and compiled by a former picture editor of The Observer newspaper. It's a masterclass on how a hurried snapshot can be turned into an eye-catching and memorable image.
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  5. They would have been greatly admired and appreciated, then rejected. The Image Bank is not a fine art repository - and yet, and I only speak for myself, I find their old 1990s catalogues equally inspiring as the work of Adams or HCB or Horst.
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  6. Karim, I agree with you. I have a whole shelf devoted to 1990's stock photo catalogs. They're a sort of pinnacle of commercial photography or at least what commercial photography can be.
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  7. But since I could never bear to throw away anything, before digital, I had a Heiland Repronar copy setup for filters, exposure, off angle, etc. Later when I could scan and correct, I was really thankful I had kept those various "seconds". Many of them "cleaned up real nice."
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  8. A tip of the hat from Alan Marcus

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