Slide copying -- Micro 4/3 with Oly 50mm macro & Nikon ES-1

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  1. So . . . has anyone successfully done slide duplicating with Olympus Micro 4/3, Olympus MF 50mm 3.5 macro and Nikon es-1 slide copying adapter???
  2. No but I have done "successful" copying with Oly E-600 with Zuiko 35 mm f/3.5 autofocus macro. The thing is, 4/3 sensor can't deliver adequate quality, compare to APS-C (which I use now), not to mention full frame machine.

    By the way, Zuiko 35 f/3.5 is known for its razor sharp edge-to-edge performance at every aperture. Perhaps the same applies to manual focus OM 50 f/3.5 as well, however when using with crop sensor, lens resolution is reduced by default, thanks to crop factor (which is 2x on 4/3).
  3. That is an OM-System lens. You will need a micro four thirds adapter.
  4. My usual caution:

    If you are only occasionally duplicating slides, such a rig can work.

    If you are doing any substantial number of slides, then it really pays off to get and use a reasonably good (depending on your end product) scanner.

    Flatbeds like the old Canon 9000F will do for internet posting. For professional quality digital scans the more expensive dedicated film scanners are well worth the investment.
  5. I once saw a neat setup, unfortunately I did not get the name/brand of the stand/light unit.
    It was a dslr, with a micro lens, on what appeared to be a purpose built transparency/slide copying lightbox/stand for the camera.
    I do not remember, but I think the stand had an adjustable head, like on an enlarger, to be able to easily move the camera up/down.
    Because it was a light box, he could shoot any size transparency from 35mm to 4x5.
  6. This is a new and much more expensive version of the transparency copy stand that I saw. At least the pix gives you an idea of what I was talking about.
    Kaiser Copylizer "eVision Com.pact" Copy Stand 205212!

    Get an older enlarger that you can remove the head to mount the camera.
    Put a light box below, and you have it.
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