Slide copy using PS-4 or similar, am I doing it wrong?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by oskar_ojala, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. I have a PS-4 slide copy attachment and a PB-5 bellows. I've used this setup to copy some slides using my D300 camera. So far so good, but I have one problem: the exact alignment of strip film. There is a hole in the PS-4 apparently to slide in the strip film, which I do, but there is no mechanism to tension the strip, so it's weighed down by either side, causing it to be non straight and occasionally not completely flat either. What should I do? I would expect that a rig like this would be somewhat like a enlarger fixture for film, i.e. some metal boards would clamp down to hold the film. I'm already considering buying other manufacturers copiers to try out, but I would like to save some time and get your opinion on how to clamp down the film.
    Otherwise I like the setup, the shift feature is very useful when doing a close-up of a slide.
  2. It sounds like you're missing some parts. Mine has metal clips on the sides that hold it pretty flat.
  3. You might try setting up the PS-4/PB-5 pointing downwards or upwards to remove the tendency of the film strip to twist. It's been a long time since I owned the PS-4 but I thought it had two round 'trays' attached to the sides to hold the excess film. Not sure maybe I'm thinking of my PS-6 which does.
    Also, you might be able to insert a empty slide mount into the film gate to produce more flatness.
  4. Michael, do you have a picture of the relevant part? I could try to post a pic of my PS-4 tomorrow to compare whether a part is missing.
    Richard, I've been thinking about pointing it downward, but I'm afraid that it will just twist a differently. There are the round holders on the side, but I don't think they work well with the strips of six that I use, they're probably for full rolls.
  5. I had to look at my PS-4 to remember. There are no clips. Meybe the PS-5 has clips?
    In looking at my PS-4, I suppose one could fold up a ziploc bag with the Ziploc cut off to make a clear gasket on the backside of the film holder. They'd probably have to open the door each time they moved the strips, but it might work... A piece of thin translucent vinyl might even work better. But that's what I see looking at my PS-4.
  6. There are no metal clip in my PS-4 as well. There is two metal pins at the bottom plus 2 trays to keep the film from tilting however. See Pic.
  7. My guess is your film cover hinge is loose or mis-alighted. The film cover should touch the slide holder with very little gap and no gap with the film in it. There is also a slight fiction to prevent the film from sliding without you moving it. See picture. Notice there should be no gap between the film and both of its side.
  8. Tommy, my PS-4 looks exactly like that. I took it out, took the "flip" off to clean it, reattached and played a little with it. When trying it with film, it seems to work better now, but I have to "dupe" a few slides to really try it out. It may also be that thinner negs cause much more problems than some thick slides.
    I any case, it would be nice if it was a bit tighter or even user adjustable. I'm thinking if I could put in some rubber to lock the film, but it might be difficult.
  9. You can try put in a layer of masking tape on the side. Just don't put in stuff that get could get the film dirty.

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