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  1. The Internet is swarmed by selfies of teen girls in states of undress. What is going on? It has to be more than vanity. Rebellion? Simple hell-raising? Being able to photograph themselves without involving a lab has borne strange fruit indeed. Boys don't seem to be into this except as audience.
  2. kendunton

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    Every generation has rebelled in its own way with the technology/fashion/music available.
    Who are we to complain?
  3. Because so many of the sites we visit are owned and run and viewed by men, titillating pics of women, selfies or otherwise—just look at our own Nudes section—are more available. Plenty of men and boys are taking such selfies. We just don’t have as much access to them. Likely, the number of revealing male selfies is less because women don’t find it as titillating to view men that way. You’ll see plenty on gay male sites because, well, boys will be boys!

    There’s not one main reason for this phenomenon. There are a host of reasons, some of which you’ve touched upon.

    “Sleazy” is in the eye, and sometimes mind, of the beholder.
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  4. " Rebellion? Simple hell-raising? Being able to photograph themselves without involving a lab has borne strange fruit indeed."
    + to avoid involving a 'sleazy' middle man photographer.
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  5. Look no further than What types of photos get the most looks, likes,
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  6. I wouldn't describe most of the selfies as sleazy, but an occasional posting deserves the label richly.
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  7. BTW, I didn't even know we have a nudes section. How pure I am.
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  8. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... I skinned my knee
    once, but I didn't take a
    picture of it...
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    I think there is a greater need to be noticed, for young men and women both, exaggerated by current conditions. IMO you don't get noticed for being good. If you have any doubts, look at some of the injuries and misadventures that begin "Hold my beer while I..." Cut from the same bolt of cloth for a different design.
  10. Good question. Has anyone thought to actually ask ladies why they are into this? The answers might be surprising and/or interesting or not.
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  11. I wonder how the "Sleazy semi-undressed male selfie" would have to look, to serve the same ego boosting / self marketing goals as a female one. I suppose it is decades of pinup tradition guiding the young ladies' work?
    Can "fastfood & sodas gutt in Bejing Bikini" look cute &/ seductive at all?
  12. HERE are some ideas, but don't try this at home! :eek:
  13. TY kindly & totally agreed upon getting into such shapes
    So the pools are about 2/3+x of female population vs. how few % of the male one?
  14. I think young people (of both sexes) emulate people they admire. Especially pop musicians. This was as true in the 1950's as it is today. What's changed in the past 10 years is the 'music video' culture. And its accessibility (via YouTube) on mobile phones.

    Just compare the way males and females are portrayed in this 'round-up' of the week's best videos.

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  15. Isn't it easy enough to avoid that which you don't wish to see online?

    I dunno, what're you into? Then again, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

    Ha. Maybe you need to "get out" more. Dirty up some of that "purity". OTOH, can't be too pure if you're ogling "teen girls in states of undress"! :D

    Bingo. I've gotten past the whole "let's rent a model to shoot nude" so we can post these pix on f@c3b00k" thing, but it still doesn't sit quite right with me somehow. Can I say this and not come off as a self righteous prick? Because I don't feel like one, nor am I very pure. I do wonder how and when "art photography" came to mean photos of girls and women either nekkid or partly unclothed but then again I guess its the natural extension of "art house" smut? Whoops there I go again, what a self righteous @ssh0le I am. ;-D

    Time to go wash my mouth out with soap and pour bleach into my eyes, maybe a little self flagellation with a cat-o-nine-tails while Im at it?
    Can somebody look after my beer & whisky and hold my needle & spoon? Be right back. :p
  16. Good question.
    Nudes, different from “nekkid,” have a rich history in art. Plenty of reading matter and museum exhibits on the subject as well as ways to discern the difference from “art house smut.”
    Already done by Mapplethorpe, who dared to push just that envelope, though with a single whip and just his own ... tail!
    NO LINK PROVIDED. Search for it if you care to. It’s enough to humble even the most self righteous among us ... OR ... add to their woes. :eek::eek::eek:
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  17. Where??? Inquiring minds want to know ;)
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  18. hahahahaha nice conversation. See even a topic on sleazy girls elicit lots of replies. :)
  19. Was the topic "sleazy girls"? Or sleazy selfies! Consider the difference. ;)

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