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  1. I am an SL collector and user and would like some opinions from users who have experience with both SL and SL2 cameras. How do they rate against each other? Have never used the SL2 and am curious. Thanks,
  2. Compared to the SL the SL2 has a flat back. The back opens with a
    Nikon F3 release; push a tab and lift the rewind crank as opposed to
    the SL pushbutton and slide arrangement. The viewfinder in the SL2
    has a finer groundglass with a split image/microprism versus the
    microprism in the SL. I understand the Leica will still install
    either screen in either camera. The SL2 adds aperture to the
    viewfinder information and can illuminate this with a button on top
    of the viewfinder


    The SL2 meter is much more sensitive(4 stops?). Also the mirror box
    (SL2) has been adjusted to use the 19 an 35 F1.4. I find the SL2 to
    be enough easier to use that I almost never pick up my SL's
  3. Thanks for the information. I will look for an SL2. SR

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