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  1. I use Aperture 3 and have CS5 (don't like CS5). Can you tell me how to size my photos to the specified limits of this web site using Aperture? I have no problems posting my pictures to Facebook or anywhere else, just here. Oh and I shoot in RAW. Please be specific.
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  2. It needs to be a 8bit jpeg and will resize images that don't fit (are too large), but I think the best thing is to start off with an appropriate size, like a maximum of 1,000 pixels high or wide, whichever is larger. That is something easily done in Photoshop using file/scripts/image processor.
  3. I always save my finished edits as a jpegs, so this might not work for you. But for batch resizing jpegs I've been using IrfanView's batch processing option. Irfanview is a free image viewer that can do basic batch processing like resizing, converting, even adding basic text. But generally when I finished an edit that I think I might share, I will create a share version that has 1200 pixel width and higher jpeg compression ratio and my logo. It seems easier to do it right away.
  4. Kyle: are you talking about images for your gallery here, or images you intend to accompany posts in forum threads? The forum threads want images no longer than 700px on the longest side. You can go larger in your gallery, but larger than 1000px rarely makes sense. If you don't use much or any JPG compression, the files will be large, and PN's upload/ingest routine will squash 'em like a bug, size-wise (which means, quality-wise, too). So, introduce some moderate compression - something in the 400x700 pixel range can probably be down around 150k without losing much at all in the way of seen quality.
  5. Thank you guys, Siegfried does IrfanView (InfranView?) do something that Aperture can't do? I never thought about making duplicates and resizing, good thought.
  6. Testing.
  7. I think I've got it. Watch out though, I've got some posting to do. :)
  8. I've never used Aperture, but I highly doubt that IranView can do anything that Aperture can't. But it can handle the basics and may be simpler, I don't know. Anything more complicated and I do it in GIMP.
  9. Sorry guys, just testing again
  10. Just to let ya'll in on how I figured it out, I had to export versions of pictures out of Aperture library at which time it gave choices on jpeg sizes. Then I go to computer hard drive picture folder to find the exported resized picture and download that. Ta da ! Thank you for the export idea!
  11. There are several considerations and options for uploading photos to It's a little tricky to figure them all out. I'll try to summarize:
    • On our portfolio space, if we use the Aurigma image uploader will automagically resize oversized JPEGs (such as full rez photos straight from our cameras) to 1500 pixels on the longest side.
    • If we try to upload oversized photos using the older manual uploader the system will reject the photo. You'll need to resize it yourself to 1500 pixels maximum.
    • Either way, a second, smaller JPEG of around 680 pixels will be created. This is the default version shown when anyone visits our individual photos in our portfolios.
    • The discussion forums will accept photos with a maximum width of 700 pixels *if* we directly upload the photo to the forum. If the photo exceeds 700 pixels wide it will appear as an attachment with a link showing inline with the thread. There's a prompt to notify us of that.
    • If the photo is 700 pixels wide or less but we omit a caption, photos directly uploaded to discussion forums will appear as an attachment, with a link appearing inline with the thread.
    • If we attach an embedded link for the photo - which is hosted either on our portfolio spaces or offsite (Flickr, smugmug, etc.) - oversized photos will be scaled down to 700 pixels. Use the green "tree" shaped icon on the reply box toolbar. Be sure to insert the link for the photo itself, not for the page on which the photo appears. Rescaling may produce some ugggly artifacts and jaggies, so it's best to embed only photos that you've already resized to around 700 pixels wide. (However, recently I've noticed fewer problems with rescaling artifacts.)
    Clear as mud?
    Also, some of this may have changed since the last time I experimented with the various upload options. I'm not sure about the No Words Forum, which has its own unique photo upload/attachment process.

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