Size specification in Photoshop CS2

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by khitrovg, May 6, 2005.

  1. Dear PN,
    I just upgraded from Photoshop CS to CS2 though I love most of the new
    features. However, I find it a bit enoying that I can't use my croping
    tool to the same degree that I have used it with CS. Is there a way
    to specify the size in INCHES (not pixels) as well as specify the dpi
    while using the croping tool ( or resize option) ? what is the trick?

  2. Greg,

    I don't how you used to specify size and resolution, but CS2 works the same way I've always used it: in the toolbar, type "4 in", "6 in" and 300 (for example) in the width, height, and resolution text boxes.

  3. You should also be able to change the units in Preferences.
  4. Guys, I am so sorry, I accidentally opened the Image ready not the PSCS2 that's why. Totally my fault. I panicked.

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