Situation wanted from a French !

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  1. Hello ! I live in Macon , in France . I want TO GET A JOB IN PHOTOGRAPHY in
    USA : Digital cameras sale or weddings, (or something else). I'm not a
    professionnal but my father is a photographer and he has got a digital shop
    therefore photography isn 't strange for me ( 5 years experience).
    My first motivation is to work with americans in order to know them more
    that's why I DON'T WANT ANY SALARY . I just want someone who accepts my help
    and to welcome me. I?m a frank person.

    Guillaume PERRET
  2. Perret, slavery was outlawed some time ago in the USA.

    But, I have a nice shed on my grounds where you could live, and could use someone to
    maintain my studio and manage multiple photo assignments. You can even have every other
    leap year day off. No hard liqueur, pets or loose women.

    (The first thing to know when working with American's is that you have to have a sense of
    humor ).
  3. Why not work for you dad?

    Why the US? Sales or Wedding Photography? Not much difference in those professions is there?

    You come off as, someone with lots of expensive equipment, invite me in so I can rob you blind!

    If you actually had interest in photography why haven't you posted here before?
  4. Are you going to send a money order to your sponsor and ask him/her to cash it and send a portion to someone else?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Good luck.
  5. haha tom thats what i was thinking ;)
    ~good luck PERRET~
  6. You should try Australia, some of the best wedding photogs out there, excellent climate, nice people, good food - what more could you want?
  7. LOL Bunch of jokers ... -(to Marc) Ok Marc I understand : sence of humour is necessary to deal with americans !
    To live like a slave ? (lol) maybe not , but to help you in your studio is convenient for me.
    -(to JC) Why do not I work with my father ? Because I just come to have an argument with him ... no , to tell the truth I want to meet americans(you know it now !) and particulary american photographers( I've been impressed by US photographers websites).
    (To Dolly)-Maybe I'll can learn you French !
    (to Tom) -To demand money ? No ! Ok I'm french ... but a french who keeps one's promise !
    (To David)-Australia ? Why not ... however they aren't as much funny as you're !

    To finish I have to give further information : I won't bother a long time the person who accepts me : I'm only "operational" this summer !

    Thanks bunch of jokers !!
  8. Okay, how do you propose going about working for someone? Details would help. Are you
    here already? Or would you pay your way here? Where would you stay? Who will feed you?

    I have many contacts with some very good photographers here, in particular a couple of
    pretty famous New York photographers. I could pass this information on to them. Free
    help in exchange for knowledge might be of interest. But you have to have some good
    photography already. There are a lot of talented beginners looking to break in to different
    areas of photography.
  9. But aren't you a "very good photographer" ? Well I can Help the photographer to arrange people before photo, I CAN HELP HIM TO SHOOT , like an assistant during weddings (I have my equipment) . Obviously I'm not a profesionnal photographer but I enjoy this job (this is a passion for me)... to develop photos (my father has got Fuji Frontier 550). In other words every things around photography . I remind you of the fact I work with my father for 5 years (during holidays , week-ends...)
    As for my location I'm in France so I 'll fly to you (or your New York photographers). I'll cook for me and even for "my host parent" lol (do you like french food?). I just need somewhere to live and somebody to speak with me (I'm boring I know ...) .
    Thanks for your proposition .
  10. First, are you legally able to work in the U.S. ?
    It would be much easier to find any job if you were actually already in the area where you want to work (which I don't think you mentioned).<p> is not the best place to be looking.

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