single digital file, what to charge?

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  1. Professional photographer charging for a single digital image for the first time. What to charge? Will do a bit of post editing on the image.
    Thinking $85-100.00 for the single file.
  2. I charge $55 but require a minimum purchase of 5 images.
  3. No less then what you charge for an 8x12 print. You can charge more to cover the print sales you will be losing...I think $85 is reasonable. For me personally I wouldn't do what Dana does. I always think it's sneaky to break your prices down like that, when there is a minimum price involved. It seems good but then when you add it all up, it turns out to be pretty expensive. I personally get put off when I see that.
    Anyways that is just me as a consumer. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it doesn't work for me. If I only wanted one or two negs I would be more inclined to buy them if there was an individual price. If you were making me buy 5, then I would just say ahh forget it.
    You can offer discounts when the # of negs bought, go up. So once they hit 5 negs, they are $75, 10 negs are $65, after 10 negs, they are only an additional $30 each to add on to your order...give them incentive to buy more. Anyways that is just an idea.
  4. Depends on the usage (licensing). For a single file that a small biz wants for their website, I'd charge a much lower rate than a file wanted by a large company for an advertising campaign.
    I've sold the same photo to different organizations, for different rates, for different uses.
  5. What are they going to do with it? It might be worth $10 or it might be worth $500,000 to them that needs it .
  6. I'm not sure what's sneaky about it. I don't hide the fact that I have a minimum purchase amount. Plus I offer print packages too, and no one is required to purchase any digital files if they don't want them.
  7. Also I'm assuming the OP means high resolution images. For low resolution images -- say for use with online profiles -- I would not charge as much. Remember that once you sell the digital image you're out of the picture (pun intended, LOL). They will do their own printing. I once read somewhere (probably here on PN) that your digital images are your gold.
  8. It depends on how you want to make your money. Do you want to offer digital files ONLY? Do you want to offer a sliding scale discount depending on print sales? Figure your costs and weigh that against what you want to average per job and go from there. We can all offer methods, but YOU need to do your own calculations....-Aimee
  9. Jack Resnicki was at our local PPA a few weeks ago and told a story about charging $11,000 for all rights to a single image.
    What is this image worth to the user?
  10. "Professional photographer charging for a single digital image for the first time. What to charge?"
    Like everyone else says, "What's it for"? And if you are a "professional", shouldn't you know?
  11. Lindy have a look on search for a licenced image click on it for larger veiw, on the left use the calculate price and see what the rate is, Alamy offer large discounts for regular customers.
    Hope this gives you some idea.

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