Sinar - opinion please

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by miha, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. partially correct. The P, like all yaw free cameras has two tilt controls, one that is not geared on each standard and one that is geared on each standard. Any camera that is not yaw free in its upright position becomes yaw free when it is revolved 90° from its vertical position on its rail. To be yaw free means that the swing point is below the tilt point. Hence the reason for course and fine tilt controls on cameras like the P.
  2. Actually, "Yaw Free" axis tilt or swing coincides with the center of the lens. That way the composition remains unchanged and the focus is at least roughly constant. The Sinar uses curved, geared tracks for tilt which center on the lens. That done, swing remains centered even if the lens board is tilted. Pivots with knobs do much the same thing but the geared Sinar adjustments are much more precise and rigid.
  3. No, that is how it does the asymmetrical tilts. The yaw free is done by the two tilt movements on the standards. One course one below the swing point that is not geared and a geared one above the swing point.

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